iRobot: From Roombas to Combat Fighters

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, discusses staying competitive in robotics with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Sheehan making your life easier.

There is one company that does robots from the household breed to the battlefield fighters.

Irobot cells backing's and the canticle bomb squads.

-- irobot sells vacuuming robots and bomb squads.

What are you doing to stay ahead of the competition?

Your ideal robot vacuum is one that you turned on and it cleans your home every single day without every requirement or maintenance as effectively as an upright.

Here today to talk about obsolete in the.

This is a traditional vacuum brush and i have my new roomba.

You will notice something very different.

We have these cylinders which are hard cylinders.

We call them arrows for sex tractors.

What they do is allow the robot to concentrate the airflow instead of having to go through a narrow slat between these two brushes which accelerates the air and allows your robot to clean 50% more and it is maintenance free.

The hair does not get into the brushes.

Let's talk about what you do with the combat fighters.

You obviously have a diverse portfolio of robots.

Tell us about what you do for the military.

On the battlefield, we ask our soldiers and technicians to go put themselves in harms way.

In situations where robots can make a difference.

What we were able to do is devise a robot that can be controlled by an explosives disposal technician and still drive that robot up to a suspected bomb, determine whether it is real or not, and then rendering it is safe.

Basically defusing a bomb and taking that person back away and saving lives.

Something we are very proud of and glad to be working on.

Amazing technology.

We are showing the viewers pictures.

It is fascinating, the difference between drones and robots.

Drones have taken on a very negative connotation.

Robots, not at all.

Why do you think the difference?

Drones bring up issues of privacy and spine -- spying whereas these vacuum and allow our soldiers to be safe in war.

This is a much less controversial challenge.

It is hard to complain about a robot vacuuming your floor for you.

It is an easier concept, it makes sense, and one of the reasons why we have sold over 10 million so far.

In 2009, your sales were up.

You have had 50% growth over the past four years.

Where are you going from here?

I think we are just getting started.

We represent about 15% of the dollars spent over vacuum cleaners.

This is still less than five percent of homes around north america and europe have robots cleaning their homes.

The people have not fully embraced the fact that this is a better way of cleaning their floor.

As we are able to raise the bar,

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