iRobot: Cleaning Up in the Robot Business

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- iRobot CEO Colin Angle discusses the company's earnings and the future of robotics with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

From irobot.

We had a great quarter.

The reaction of the stock market is difficult to predict.

We are proud of what we did.

We had three main challenges we had to now to take the risk out.

We needed china to be strong.

The launch of our new roomba model.

We nailed all three of them.

We are proud of our performance.

Let's talk about the roomba and the new models.

What are they designed to do better than the previous ones?

The ideal roomba is a robot vacuum cleaner that you never catch, see -- it comes out every day and cleans your floor better than operate.

Basically that is the mission.

One of the things that stood in the way of that ideal was the brushes on the robot got clogged with hair.

You have to clean them.

We got rid of brushes on the 800 series.

We changed to the synthetic degree extractor.

The haricots rectally into the bin.

We increased the cleaning efficacy of the robot by 50%. this is a big step up in performance.

It is a big reduction in maintenance.

It is a usually forward for robot vacuuming.

It has done a great and we are excited to have it.

It is going into full distribution by q3. what is the estimated price tag?

You can get it today at 699. that is the price on the website.

This is for the residential market.

It is to clean your house or any other areas.

As far as the roomba goes, it is taken to the youtube airways as well as being featured in television.

Dj roomba, have you thought about turning it into an entertainment device?

Is proving to be quite entertaining for pat.

We get stories everyday about people who all caps at home and they schedule the roomba to turn on while they're at work not just to clean the house, but they attach ribbons and things on the back of the roomba so that the pets will be entertained.

It is amazing, the stories we hear.

People are very excited to have roomba robots in their lives.

What about robot technology and other applications?

We just launched a very exciting new product.

We made teleportation possible.

You may think i am crazy, but in reality, that is what we have done.

It is a practical teleportation system will stop with that i've had, you can start on cap -- an app.

You can determine where you want to go or who you want to visit.

It will unplug itself and travel to that person or office.

It will start up a videoconferencing session.

There is a robot, and your face is displayed on the robot.

If you are sitting down, the robot will sit down.

You could look at the screen anyway board.

We have been able to mimic many of the experiences that you would have if you were there in person.

When you are done, you simply hang up.

The robot puts itself away.

You go out of your office back where you started.

This is a robot that we launched in partnership with cisco.

We are very excited about this new technology and where it will take us.

It challenges what it means to be somewhere if it is not easy to pop to a new location.

How much does it cost?

The system is around $7,000 -- $70,000. the high death audio and video.

That is about one trip a month that you can get off the airplane.

This is a great investment.

We took a look at commercial applications.

What about for the military?

Irobot has three business units.

The third is defense and security.

We have created robots that can go into dangerous situations and do real work.

We have 5000 in iraq and afghanistan and around the world.

They are taking on jobs like defusing bombs.

If a soldier needs to go into a building that could be dangerous, the robot can go in first.

We have robots in brazil that are providing security for the world cup.

Anywhere there is potential for a dangerous situation, having a robot that is able to put eyes on a suspicious package for sample and open it up and see what is there, they can take care of it in a safe way.

It is a great application for robotics.

It is good business for us.

Any idea that you will combine with something that offers some kind of drawing or helicopter application -- drone or helicopter application?

We have not done much in the aerial vehicles based.

We are very content that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done on the ground.

That is our specialty.

Who knows?

We could partner with a robot and didn't until something is and we did drive over there and deal with the situation.

I know you are joining us from boston.

Another company in boston is being purchased by google.

Has anybody called you yet?

Is there any chance you are for sale?

We are very happy and excited.

We have a lot of growth plans ahead of us.

It is not on our radar.

Google has helped raise awareness of the robot industry.

The technology exists to do increasingly stiff is gated things.

There is a lot of interest in amazon and google and logistics.

We are focused on the home.

What is going to happen is more technology gets in the home and how you will manage what could

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