Iraq Hangs Over Obama's Syria Decision: Carlson

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg View columnist Margaret Carlson talks with Tom Keene about the vote in the U.K. Parliament against a military attack on Syria and what it means for the United States' plans for a strike. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

And points the spotlight on france.

President hollande saying france is ready to act in syria.

Family historical perspective.

Howard ward on the markets this morning, and of course, setting you up for labor day -- chief investment officer of gabelli funds.

Margaret colston -- margaret carlson, please do have her with us.

This goes back to 1782, goes back to anthony eden in 1966. this is unusual.

But with -- what it really does, margaret, go back to 2003. i appreciate being on during wartime -- or about to be wartime, tom.

Yes, it was unprecedented in our multiple lifetimes.

I think there is another chance when the you and president -- finesses its work.

He can go back to parliament and get -- for the united states purposes, a better vote, because it is never good to go in alone.

And i think a rack actually hangs over us in the united egg.

You reap what you sow.

Having gone in on false pretenses to air rack, now everybody wants more proof of what happened there -- on false pretenses to airiraq.

Why do we have a voting united states, if we have at least a courtney the discussion in paris and an actual vote in london?

One practical reason.

August recess.

No one is here.

The prime minister called back parliament.

You call that congress.

Our congress is not quite so -- it can be, but we have a congress that cannot pass a proclamation on ice cream week.

It is very hard.

Also, presidents never want to do it.

If i were president, god forbid, i would want the war powers act to kick in.

I would not want to act alone.

I would want to have the congress with me.

But our presidents just want to roll right along.

The fact that the british voted no, how much of a setback is a for mr.


Can you imagine this congress, which is as obstructionist as any congress i know -- i know that way back when, it was equally so, because they carried guns.

We may not be far from that.

Let's bring in howard ward from gabelli funds on it.

This is politics.

Bring it over to investments.

Do you change any of your investment based on what you have seen in the last 10 days or what we could see?

No, tom.

Frankly, i don't think that this conflict, if it can be contained, one have any lasting impact on the stock market.

Of course, that is the question, can it be contained?

When you start lobbing cruise missiles at people they can get mad and they retaliate -- either syria might retaliate for iran might retaliate for them and then things get out of control fairly quickly and you may -- we may have to reassess my comment.

The critics say not changing anything , the exogenous shocks are contained until they are not.

We have a great number of hours of "bloomberg surveillance " this morning.

Let's get to alix steel with friday company news.

Harlow slim america mobile may drop its bid for royal etn after a foundation exercise a call option and took control.

The foundation made the move to lock the bid for kpn.

A spokesman says slim's been with possible -- hostile.

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