Iraq's Latest Crisis: Will Iran Engage?

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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Georgetown University Professor Paul Sullivan discusses the militant uprising in Iraq on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This morning as these militants are 60, maybe 70 miles outside baghdad?

You mean the president of the united states?

President of the united states.

What does president obama need to do to assist mr.

Maliki in baghdad?

This is a catch 88 situation, catch-22 times 4. no matter what you do you are walking into a mess.

There is discussion about possibly sending drones over there and taking out these folks.

There could be significant backlash towards the united states and its allies and troops overseas if this happens.

The president has to consider that as well.

This is far from a simple situation.

It is very fluid.

There could be help with intelligence and strategic thinking.

I don't think the important people were just about -- the american people or just about anyone else in this situation wants to back themselves into this again.

What are the ramifications if we do nothing?

If we do nothing and nobody else does anything, that there is a possibility that these murderous people who were thrown out of al qaeda because they are too vicious could take over baghdad, many other major cities in iraq, and bring the sunn i-shia conflict to a head, which could lead to possibly iran getting involved.


That is exactly where i wanted to go, professor.

I saw the level of violence measurement of terrorist groups last night.

These guys are out on the curb of violence even compared to other violent terrorist groups.

How close are we to recapitulating the iran-iraq civil war of some 15 years ago?

I don't think it is going to be like that.

It really wasn't a civil war, it was a war between 2 different states -- yes, please, force.

-- of course.

The real scenario going on is multiple parties within the islamic world.

A lot of folks think these people are not muslims, they're just murderers, and frankly, i agree with them on that.

When people hold these guys -- call these guys sunnis, that is a stretch of definition be on any way of looking at this.

What these guys want to do is start a caliphate.

They don't care about countries were innocent people or anyone else but themselves.

If you disagree with them, you are dead.

It is amazing what these guys -- professor, thank you so much.

Paul sullivan on a potential caliphate in iraq.

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