iPhone 6: New Details About Apple's Next Gen

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Chris Caso, senior research analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group, offers his expectations of the iPhone 6 gathered together from conversations with members of Apple’s supply chain. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Saving millions at sony.

Possible cost cuts in the entertainment unit.

Easyjet reports earnings with investors expecting a boost.

We will speak with the ceo.

An inside look at the world's biggest, fastest, and most expensive private jet.

It has just gone 6:00 here in london.

Bloomberg reporters are standing by.

Ryan era lowered its profit forecast.

Could there be turbulence ahead -- ryan air lowered its off it forecast.

Could there be turbulence ahead.

And a final turnaround plan.

In hong kong following reports the company is looking to cut $100 million in cost, lust europe's finance we -- plus europe's finance week kicks off.

Bringing bankers and regulators together as the ecb plans to take charge of banks next year.

Let's bring you up to date with some of the news we have got.

Easyjet earnings break in about an hour's time.

That will be an interview you catch first on bloomberg.

Our european business correspondent caroline hyde has seen a lot of excitement.

There has been euphoria over the fact there are record rough it's, up fifth -- record profits up 50%. the focus on business travelers.

They have flex the tickets, a route to malan -- milan.

They have repeat users, and there has been a significant focus on cost cuts.

Revenue haven't seen that much more.

Talk us through some of the challenges because they worried about some of them in october.

They did.

There were three she was trying to highlight in particular.

Also currencies, the foreign exchange currencies.

The pound being stronger.

That is going to be 10 million as well hitting in terms of profitability, and all in all we expect a far more hostile environment for the winter.

They had no less than two profit warnings for the company in less than two months.

Less than a month ago they were saying fares were going to drop 10%. there are pressures of competition.

You have pegasus airlines, all of these entrants coming into the discount area and deutsche bank bank saying this is going to be the first winter that you actually see a significant improvement in the rise in capacity.

It is not going to be doom and gloom.

Remember easyjet has focused on the business traveler.

It is the wing ryan air has been trying to copy.

-- something ryanair has been trying to copy.

Economic problems are still right across europe.

You have to tempt them to buy tickets with you.

It is protected to a large extent.

They have already sold a quarter of the seats.

They upped the profit forecast, and analysts still see improvement.

Easyjet could rise 14%, but let's hear about some of the challenges.

We look forward to chatting with the ceo later.

The british royal company has been reducing its dependence on advertising by buying production assets.

John has the details.

Here is another british success story.

Traditional advertising made up three quarters of revenue.

A solid business, but the focus was elsewhere.

Itv did not feature in that space.

The ceo introduced a five-year plan.

We get an update on that, but the aim was to revamp the business, rely less on advertising but take advantage of where growth is, and this is real -- where the real push in the market has been.

You and i have not seen it.

It is big in the u.k. and not just the u.k. but the u.s. as well.

There is a success story on the other side of the atlantic.

Word is growth come from?

It comes from production.

You have seen growth rise by 30%. more work needs to be done, but quite a transition, quite a success story.

Talk to me about the recent battle over sports.

They had exclusive rights.

For sky they showed a lot of games.

For itv it is a single game.

Itv reported the headlights package as well, and if you take this another step forward, put it in context of that war between bp and sky, where is the battleground?

Those prime slots are still on the break in coronation street just after x factor, so while there is a push in content, don't forget tv is not dead.

It really is not.

They are still bringing in a significant amount of money.

I don't know if i find it ok or tragic that i have never watched champions league on itv but i have watched downton abbey.

No comment.

And they are said to have hired bain and company for cost reductions.

That could mean cost losses.

Why are they looking for cuts in the entertainment division?

It's a curious move.

We have learned bain is going to advise on cuts to the entertainment division.

Sony has not had the kind of success other studios have had.

Walks off as revenues are down sharply in the past year, done as much as 32% compared to a year earlier according to our estimates, and sony is now fourth in domestic box office sales in the united states, a revenue of just 1.1 3 million.

Remember earlier we had the hedge fund extraordinaire calling on sunny to try to change its strategy, -- calling on sony to try to change its strategy.

The entertainment division has a lot of content assets that can be modified.

The division is not doing a good job of it.

$100 million in cost cuts targeted.

Bain is said to be helping them out.

It comes after a second-quarter loss.

Investors are watching this as they evaluate the future for sony.

Where most of these cuts going to come from?

One primary -- advertising.

He wants them to spend less on new films, not the blockbuster budget you might expect, especially when the anticipated blockbuster turns out to be a flop, so less risk and less marketing spending.

Social media is a key part of that.

Just a few months ago we saw sony firing one of its chief marketing executives, so big changes ahead.

We will see what this review leads to.

The stock up 1.3%. investors are taking some stock in this.

Think you.

Let's get a preview with manus cranny.

You are watching euro finance week.

How important is this?

This is probably the last of finding showcase -- last the finding showcase -- defining showcase.

They are jockeying for position in terms of how to treat banks, on the agenda for 2014. we will run through it all, and i sat down with the head of the iif.

What do the bankers want from the finance week?

Rex he will be -- he will be back with more on the story.

We are going to take a look at economic reform in china and how our next guest is performing currency trades.

Time for today's company news.

Apple has one another chance to block sales of samsung smartphones in the united states.

The u.s. court is allowing apple to roof they can -- to prove they contain features patented by apple, but apple doesn't have to show that's the only reason customers made the purchase.

Sony is said to have hired bain and company to identify cuts in the entertainment division.

This comes ahead of a conference in california, and it could mean job losses.

Moody's is warning there could be cuts to jobs.

Amazon is in the lead just weeks before the holiday shopping spree.

Toys are three percent lower than walmart.

Cyber monday accounts for up to 40% of retailers annual revenue.

Welcome back to countdown.

The time in london is 6:14. chinese economic reforms are aimed at giving more influence to government control, but here is what is good -- but is what is good for china good for everyone else?

We bring in the global head of strategy.

This reform plan has been discussed in recent days.

What are the impacts on the aussie dollar and the new zealand dollar?

There is probably not enough time to go into that.

I think the key point we would focus on is these are significant reforms, and they have continued to support prospects for chinese growth going well, particularly for the rest of this year.

If you look at the response in markets it has been very clear.

There has been a followthrough and currencies for the region.

They are key in our if.

Our view is these currencies will continue to do appreciate.

I think the chinese number certainly feed into that with the asiana take an early moving higher.

The central bank and a straw you released from its last meeting.

A say the rate cuts they have already implemented seem to be working.

I was in australia last week visiting clients and doing some research.

I think the key point we realized is overlooking indicators are very strong.

There is a new government, which stimulated confidence in the economy.

There has been a slowdown, particularly in the mining sink there -- mining sector, but the rba, will there be a followthrough?

I think the chinese number we just spoke about our an extra filler.

-- rn extra filler.

Prospects are looking pretty good.

Let's talk about the japanese currency.

How happy do you think the government is with a yen where it is?

It has just dropped back overnight below that so strengthening.

It is down 19% compared to where it was last year.

Where do you see the currency heading?

Think the authorities are very happy.

I think this is a significant result given that we started at 75. our view is it continues to weaken.

It will be around 120. two things need to happen.

First we need to see a stronger dollar.

We need to see u.s. yields rise.

Also, we would probably need to see more stimulus from the bank of japan.

What drives that weakening of the bank of japan?

The big news of quantitative easing is already out there?

What is going to be the next push?

It is out of the question.

We think what is going to drive it is widening the gaps.

If we are right we get tapering in march and u.s. yields start to rise.

I don't think japanese yields are going anywhere because of the easing.

It is a widening gap that i think will drive the dollar yen higher.

It's not going to happen this week, but this is a fantastic trade.

You are bullish on the dollar.

When do we buy the dollar?

We think these levels are attractive.

The dollar yen is slightly below 100. these are fantastic if you believe we are going to see u.s. growth pick up again and the fed actually start to taper in march.

We think this is a great opportunity for current levels.

Two out of those three have basically said we are going to wait for the economy to improve before we taper.

The same message from bernanke?

Yes, they have been very specific.

There is no predetermined data for tapering.

They don't know either.

If we get above two percent growth next year that's what the fed wants to see.

I think that's going to be the catalyst for the process.

Thank you.

We will take a short break.

We will look at the data out of germany later on.

We will get stevens views.

? lex welcome back.

We will go to our head of foreign exchange strategies.

Let's move around and talk about europe.

We get indicators of growth for the german economy later today.

They have stalled a little bit.

What's your take on the germany economy?

Backs it is the stronger part of the eurozone.

We saw this yesterday with the eurozone coming off slightly.

Germany is doing well, but the rest is slowing.

Another decent reading is what you are going to get.

Currency i would suggest may not be the most important factor.

The ecb is in focus.

We believe they are likely to cut again.

Probably the first quarter of next year.

We are putting a lot of emphasis on what the speakers are saying.

We think that is likely to keep a lid on the euro, a bit like cbi data we got two weeks ago.

That was a catalyst when it came out.

If we continue to see this rhetoric i think the euro will struggle.

Have they failed to make that cut, or are they waiting to see?

This is a key question.

They are anticipating a rebound in inflation.

It is shockingly low from their perspective.

If we don't get a strong rebound we think another cut is on the way.

A cut from zero.

We think they will cut less than 25 basis points, so maybe 10 or 15. remember this may not be the end of policy easing.

They can try to inject liquidity to keep yields generally low in the eurozone.

All of these measures, policy easing we think is likely to prevent euro appreciation.

Back five thought there was something smaller than a quarter.

As we talk about rate cut, you will talk about rate hikes in sterling?

We are very bullish on the pound.

The key point is we are seeing dramatic outperformance.

We are forecasting 2.7%. a germanic take different.

We think the pound is very cheap.

We have our own internal valuation measures, and we believe equilibrium is 0.76, so dramatically stronger pound from where we are here.

We go into 2014 with the u.k. at economy set to outperform.

Do they welcome a strong pound or not?

An interesting point.

Clearly not.

We are coming from the point of the pound is very cheap.

It is not like the australian dollar where they have struggled.

The u.k. government has had it very good.

The pound has been below equilibrium level.

The move we think is not going to be too much of a shock.

Thank you.

We are going to show you a robot.

The company behind this one is selling shares this week.

We will talk to the chief executive about the growing industry.

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