Is iOS7 a Bigger Deal Than the New iPhones?

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson and Tom Forte, senior research analyst at Telsey Advisory Group, examine the importance of Apple's release of the new IOS 7 operating system and why it is a game changer for the company. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Know about this operating system?

I think what is happening today might be a bigger day that the phone release.

Either the phone release of the cheaper iphone or the one that comes out on friday.

Because the universe of iphone users is so large.

They are number two in the world right now.

He talked about the revenues generated.

When you look back on an annual basis, this has become one of the biggest in the world.

The sale of the biggest device in the world.

Maybe more important than the revenue generator is the number of units out there.

There are so many iphones out there.

Dime myself 30-40,000,000 units in this quarter.

-- they might sell 30-40 million units in this quarter.

They will change the way people use this today.

They are hoping it will keep people and the apple fold.

If you do not upgrade, will you run into any problems?

Fork the consumer -- for the consumer, over time, it will feel still.

For the business person, users of the iphone want to keep the iphone.

Users of the android are willing to change, interested to change.

Iphone users are little more faithful.

Date all.

Let me bring you into this conversation.

How big of a game changer do you think this will be for apple?

I think corey touched upon some of the points.

The new operating system will make your old iphone seem like new again.

They really have done a significant redesign of the look and feel.

When you couple this with the new device, this is a pretty significant improvements and change for apple.

Will it drive sales?

I think it could drive sales.

I really think they have a large and loyal user base.

Even if the new operating system was not a tremendous improvement.

To the point this is a significant improvement, it could drive people back to the apple ecosystem.

Why did it take so long?

I do not know that they felt they needed an upgrade a year ago.

They are always working and upgrade.

But i do think the evolution of the company with the absence of steve jobs, johnnie eisen's presence is taking us back to more than placidity and icons . the simple design.

The icon-like design.

The newsstand that looks like a real newsstand, moving away from that to plain-looking icons.

I think they recognize in the battle of hardware, they might come out with the best hardware.

Ultimately the use that matters, not the gear.

They think they can get an advantage there.

I have always felt they had that on the desktop.

This is a much bigger business.

Do you think this could be enough to convince the android users that are not as loyal to the android operating system, could convince them to switch over?

I do think it could.

A lot of innovation going on at samsung and motorola.

What is most interesting to me is the fingerprint technology.

When you couple that with the new operating system, i think that could give apple a chance to recapture the coolness factor.

I think that could be pretty significant as a chance to win back market share from android devices.

The fingerprint technology, how game changing is that?

The big opportunity is the enterprise.

Bloomberg reused think her to login.

In addition to passwords.

Like bloomberg , it is a closed system.

If you are a large corporation and want to use faith and their print id, apple will not let you see how the authentication works.

You just have to trust that they got it right.

For that reason enterprise is not as likely to adopt this.

I do not see apple opening it up to let other people see how it works.

I do not know if enterprises will truly adapt that.

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