Investors Are High on Marijuana Stocks

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Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Medbox CEO Dr. Bruce Bedrick discusses investing in marijuana stocks Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

There is just too much hype here.

Good morning.

I would have to disagree.

This is about freedom, it is about individual's rights.

Who is to say it is not undervalued.

The market is always correct.

We know that.

At any one time the market can be correct.

Who really knows where this industry can go.

It can go soaring up in that direction and then take all the stocks with it.

This is really something special for our country.

A are talking about -- we are talking about huge growth.

I am sure you are aware that just a few days ago finra issued a fraud warning on marijuana related stocks.

Many of these companies are thinly traded.

They gave this warning out to investors.

That must be of some concern to you as well.

It is not a concern to us personally.

I don't believe it was directed towards us.

There were other stocks in our sector which i would be careful of as well.

I support them 100%. let's talk about your business then.

You dispense marijuana three or vending machines.

You are not in the business of actually selling it, you just sell the machines that can sell it.

Tell me what the business is like for you.

It is now legalized in colorado and washington.

Do you have those markets blanketed?

Let's take a step back and say it is not just about our technology.

Yes we do manufacture technology.

That is the most legally compliant way to inventory control, store, and dispense the medication.

We are actually an industry leader because we are the most successful marijuana consultants in the industry.

We match entrepreneurs and investors.

We don't make money off of the transfer of the meds.

Where are you finding the most profit?

Because of our relationships, marijuana is a growing industry.

The opportunity is everywhere.

There's going to be a franchisor like mcdonald's. there's going to be an organic or farming component.

We have the opportunity because we are the leaders of the industry and have the relationships to literally be the conglomerate that represents all of these particular facets of the business of the industry.

That is the potential.

Where is your competitive lead?

What is to prevent other companies from using the same technology?

Industry knowledge is second to none.

We have been doing this for four years.

We have helped hundreds of clients in many states.

The ability to move fast and act first is really going to set us apart from everything else.

The ceo of medbox.

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