Invest Where the Masses Love the Product: Kramer

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) –- A&G Capital President & CIO Hilary Kramer and Matt Miller discuss investing in Crocs and if there’s growth in 2014 with Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


One of the things that has been a theme, a lot of see sweet shakeups we have seen, also company turnarounds as well.

John mcardle became the latest to join a list of executives that plan to hit the road.

Matt was so inspired by his coverage of this story that he went out and got some.

Long overdue.

Is a very interesting story.

By the way, i got the little geo-bits.

It was a huge fad for a while and i think that kids are still going to always be wearing crocs.

They are so simple and clean.

I did not like them then.

Then they became widely hated across social media and obviously they are a total fashion faux pas and now i am a fan and i went out and bought my first pair because of the story and they are super comfy.

They make a lot of sense.

You can have a delorean's and you can have toyotas.

What would you rather be investing in?

I would say toyota.

As much as i love tesla, the same thing, you want to go into an area where the masses love that product.

I would rather have the delorean.

Was shares would you want?

You would want them into yoda, in crocs.

Is there any growth of their?

What john mcardle said, we are not able to sell the product anymore, the cause will not grow.

We are not selling anything else.

What should i do?

I will open a hundred new stores.

That is the shadows she that tells americans, we would do better looking off at distribution.

They said, let's give them

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