Introducing the World's Smallest Drone

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Meet the Black Hornet. The size of a hummingbird, the world's smallest drone is already in use in the fields of Afghanistan. (Source: Bloomberg)

Size does not always matter in drones.

Introducing the black hornet, the worlds smallest robot aircraft.

This is the black hornet, the world's smallest unmanned drone.

It weighs just 16 grams, the same as three sheets of paper, and it is smaller than a cup of tea.

This is norway.

These are two norwegians standing in a field drinking tea.

They make the black hornet -- 700 of them.

This is how it sounds.

It is subtle.

You do not really hear it.

That is the only thing stealthy about the drone.

The other -- price.

It is rumored to cost around $70,000 per unit.

That is the same cost as this bmw.

This is a 1000 meter run.

That's how far the black corner can fly on one charge.

This is a domestic paid.

Its top speed -- 10 miles per hour.

That is also the top speed for the drone, which is so small that it will not interfere with other flying objects.

This is afghanistan.

Today, u.s. soldiers in afghanistan are testing the new drone.

This is a camera.

The black hornet has three of them.

It is only used for reconnaissance.

Spelling reconnaissance is hard.

Flying the drone is not.

This is how you launch the drone . this is how you drink tea.

So easy, they can be done at the same time.

Ok, let's face it -- there is still plenty of controversy around drones.

They opened the door to 24-hour surveillance, and that has also to privacy issues.

Several groups protested outside the conference, which ends tomorrow.

In "wildcard" today -- they are

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