Alibaba's $200B IPO Humiliating for Hong Kong?

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March 17 (Bloomberg) -- Alibaba kicked off the process for what may be the biggest U.S. initial public offering in two years after struggling to persuade Hong Kong regulators to approve its proposed governance structure. Bloomberg View’s David Kirkpatrick speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

David kirkpatrick, what is the significance here about listing in the u.s.? what is the alibaba affect?

-- effect?

The internet is where commerce is shifting.

This is the leading marshall company on the internet in china.

In terms of white is in the united states, a lot of that has to do with governments and whether alibaba will be allowed to have a multitier structure that would allow a small number of people to control the company over time.

The new york stock exchange has no trouble with that.

Hong kong does.

Alibaba is partially located in hong kong, so it is all the more humiliating.

Saying, we want a slice of the u.s. market?

I don't think these chinese companies did to live here in order to say that.

Bill the global ambitions at the moment.

-- they all have global omissions -- ambitions at the moment.

Facebook had to buy whatsapp.

Ali baba is a competitor to whom?

It is not really analogous to any american companies.

It is a hybrid of amazon and ebay.

It is more of an intermediary the twin buyers and sellers.

Alibaba grew up as an agent for foreign companies wanting to source in china and chinese companies wanting to sell outside the u.s. they have extraordinarily sophisticated systems, like any company of their scale, and they can do pleasant globally in ways that others cannot.

They are trying to do the same things they do in china in turkey.

Is jeff bezos quaking in his shoes?

Amazon is really not going to be hurt.

Ebay could be hurt.

I don't think they are quaking either.

Ebay has a business that is analogous to one that alibaba has in china.

I don't think that alibaba is going to start selling goods in america to americans.

I think the ipo is very high.

I think most internet valuations right now are superhigh.

Is a justified?

The revenues do not seem to justify that to me.

How much of a condemnation is this that alibaba comes to the u.s. and not to china?

It was really hong kong or new york.

They never thought about listening in china.

The executives operate primarily in hong kong anyway.

Hong kong definitely want to them, but they do not allow these dual stock structures.

It was a tough sell.

There is a report that the hong kong exchange is trying to get

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