International Business Is Coming Back: Dunkin' CEO

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Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Dunkin' Brands CEO Nigel Travis discusses the company's international operations, expansion plans and competition. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

You recently closed stores in china.

Why is success you're not translating abroad?

What i would say is that we are delighted with what we did in the u.s. we feel good about what we are doing with international.

We are moving the ball down the field quite nicely.

In china, we are reconfiguring.

We are trying to remove some of the localization that has been put in place.

Our beverages have been so successful in the u.s. in spain, we believe spain is a huge opportunity.

We believe that eu is a huge opportunity.

Every year, we do an impairment test.

That was an accounting more than anything else.

We feel good about the investment and we would do it again.

We feel we will get a good return on it very and we are working hard on dunkin international.

It will be driven by high sales and high gdp markets.

You will see a strong international market down the road.

Our peoples yelling back -- are people scaling back on things like doughnuts?

We have seen a significant pickup.

I was in spain during the summer.

They had a record tourist year.

Gdp was up 0.1%. we think europe is coming back.

We invested in spain at the right time when he was very low.

We are in great company.

I see others have invested in spain this week.

Significant investments have gone into spain.

We are confident that you will see the spanish economy turn around quickly.

They finally posted a positive gdp take.

-- tick.

California another place where you are putting a lot of effort.

You are huge in the northeast.

Everybody talks about dunkin' donuts.

I grew up in new england.

What is interesting to me, i briefly lived in california.

I did not see any dunckin doughnuts out there.

You have tried to expand in that area and you are going back for a are shot.

What is going to be different?

We are a much more disciplined company.

We are focused on our operations.

California is the number one states for those sales.

We have national advertising.

We were set to have success in california.

As we have moved out west, i am predicting we will have 1000 stores in texas.

We are seeing record openings.

We are maintaining high sales state-by-state.

I will make a prediction that california is not only going to be successful, it will be very successful.

That is a bold prediction and we will hold it to you.

Who is your competition, nigel?

Great question.

Our competition varies around the world.

We are quite unique.

I was talking to some people yesterday who were saying, i love the fact that every individual store has the individual approach of the franchisee.

Our franchisees work so hard.

If you come back to the competition, we fight off convenience chains, starbucks, mcdonald's. we have competition everywhere.

Even krispy kreme, we are compared to around the world.

We look at those competitors.

They are great companies.

We have a great offering for everyone.

I promise to the viewers i would tell them what you were doing with a hockey shirt on.

This was on a program on another competitive channel.

They actually had me take a sick -- a chicago blackhawks shirt.

I thought your franchisees wanted to see you in a hockey shirt because you were going around and visiting them because you were always in a suit.

A.b. someone told me the story incorrectly.

You are a brew -- maybe someone told me the story incorrectly.

You are a bruins fan.

I am a bruins open as bruins fan and a red sox fan.

Karl and cox -- carl icahn he's

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