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Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hussein Kanji, Partner at Hoxton Ventures, discusses the technology sector including Apple in China and tech companies making products for the health sector. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Crazy to try to buy the apple iphone today.

It did not really happen.

There are already 42 million phones on china mobile's network.

They have about 700 million subscribers in china.

A whole bunch of people who wanted the iphone could not wait for apple to negotiate with china mobile.

It just went and bought one.

There are some online qs.

I think they sold about 1.5 million in pre-orders.

This was a deal that everybody was waiting to happen for so long.

It has kind of dragged on.

Some of the first questions that people ask, are you going to make a bigger phone?

This is what the chinese consumer wants.

He says, i cannot tell you because that is top secret for the moment.

If they are going to make it in china, who they have to rethink about what that market wants?

It is different.

The galaxy note does exceptionally well and in korea, where they use a bigger phone.

They probably will, to some degree.

Apple is probably the only tech company that can standardize a very limited group of products.

Because their products are so good, we kind of take what they give us.

And the fact that there are 400 -- 42 million phones out there.

The interesting thing is the battle between apple and samsung in china.

Let's see how fast apple can rise up.

I am curious about this start up in china, the apple clone, in many ways.

Flied out, down to their founder dressing like steve jobs and thinking he is steve jobs.

We do not know whether it will actually work abroad.

The chinese have their own domestic phone makers.

They hired a google executive and now they are launching and rolling out regionally.

It will be interesting.

They are one third of the price of an iphone.

They look almost identical, but they run android instead of ios.

They kind of acted to make it look much more like ios.

We had the story today about google, contact legend -- lenses, measuring the glucose in your eyes.

We will talk about intelligence in a second.

What is the one thing you are focusing on?

We have very little particular powers -- predictive powers.

We are really bullish on security investment.

There are all of these web applications that are being hacked.

Target, neiman marcus, household names.

We backed a couple of guys who left a very large linux company.

Security is one.

We are interested in the future of health care and consumer technology.

I think there is going to be a growing number of apps and this google diabetes contact lens is one thing, that will merge technology with health care and i have no idea what this market is going to look like in five years.

It would be like trying to figure out what social networking will look like in 2000. hopefully security will give us the merkel phone.

We are looking at to struggling companies now.

Nintendo has revised its forecast to a net loss of y¢25 billion.

They also cut projections for the wii u console.

Software sales were far below expectations.

And a pc slump is turning intel's first-quarter revenue to fall short of estimates.

Office fell short of expectations.

These are companies that are far away from the sexy trends that you are talking about.

Health care and technology, security and technology.

The biggest theme is mobile.

Intel is classically a very good company.

It is a manufacturing company on one end and a chip company on the other.

If you look at the growth in our industry, it is not the pc industry anymore.

Intel is 100% tied to this industry.

Every phone out there pays a royalty back to qualcomm.

And then arm.

If you pick up your ipad -- to be fair, apple makes its own chips nowadays.

Can intel not switch that around if they focus on things, help with the technology, health care, monitoring of glucose levels or heart rates?

Intel was supposed to do this.

The last 10 years, they were supposed to make the transition to go from a pc-centric company to go to a mobile-centric company.

If you look at their products, they are really not competitive with arm.

That is intel's big failing.

They do go to all of the big electronic shows and they are a bad hardware company when it comes to building these products.

What they do well is build semiconductor chips and sell them back to people who turn them into products.

They should have bought arm 10 years ago when they were reasonably inexpensive in anticipation of this mobile market and they did not.

This is the sad story.

Every time our industry goes through a shift, and we are clearly going through a shift, the laggards get left behind and there is a whole list of these now.

It is an industry that goes so fast, you have to make sure that you are the frontrunner.

Every single shift.

"the pulse" is coming up about 10 minutes from now.

We are joined by guy johnson.

We will be talking shell, nsa, technology.

We have some great tests on the shell story coming up.

We are going to give you some analysis.

The bulk of analysts still have a buy rating on the stock.

What will be the story after we digest the news?

A new ceo 17 days into the job.

Did not take him long.

We will analyze all the events.

The security story that you have been talking about, security will end up being a big part of all of our lives.

Acknowledge he will have to adapt back quickly.

Who are going to be the winners and losers?

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