Intel Sales Forecast Tops Some Analysts’ Estimates

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Intel forecast third-quarter sales that topped some analysts’ predictions, fueling optimism for a stronger rebound in the personal-computer market. Julie Hyman and Cory Johnson take a look at the numbers on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Intel recently came out and said earnings would be better than the prior projection and instead, surprisingly, that it was seeing better demand from businesses for computers and upgrades.

That could be benefiting microsoft.

Intel's second earnings quarter per share, sales going at 213 $.8 billion.

The estimate was $13.7 billion.

Intel eating and there was some signaling of this.

They also come out with forecast for the third quarter and says revenue will be $14.4 billion, lessor minus $500 million.

That is what we are hearing from intel so far.

Fax intel has been in such a challenge environment because the pc has been dying a slow death because people are migrating more and more to tablets.

Do these earnings suggest to you it's transitioning enough into this new world?

That has been the storyline.

If anyone ever typed a headline saying "the death of the pc" they probably typed it on a pc.

Guidance is very strong.

Not just on the revenue front, but they are guiding toward margins of 66%. that's spectacular.

This is a 59.6 -- they just announced 54, but 66% rose margins for intel is spectacular.

That only happens when they are running at full capacity and cranking out a lot and not just doing a good job but having the opportunity to do it over and over again.

It is a huge pickup in gross margins as well as revenues of $14.4 billion.

Strong guidance there as well and a really strong quarter from intel, which we kind of knew when they raised the range of what they were guiding towards will stop we have more tech companies to talk about because yahoo!

Is out with its numbers and it looks like a slight miss there.

But it is indeed.

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