Intel Said to Seek Web-TV Service Partner

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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Intel, shifting strategy for its planned Web-based television service, is now seeking partnerships to jumpstart the project, said a person with knowledge of the situation. Jon Erlichman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


How big of a deal is this?

There are a lot of moving parts.

Intel has been talking a long time about this tv project.

They have made several public comments about it.

A set top box with internet enabled television.

Intel in a lot of ways has been part of that conversation on the future of tv that includes names like sony, and apple.

Just like some of those players, one of the key issues if you're going to have a new product is, what are the content deals?

What is going on with that process?

The reporting by bloomberg news would suggest intel's strategy would involve working with a player that has a lot of subscribers.

We do not know who that might be.

If you think about big content subscribers, you think of hulu.

And maybe that takes a little bit of a risk off the table if you are gearing up to go to market, spend some money leading the world know about a product like this.

And you don't necessarily have the mix of content you want.

The second part of the story, there is a new ceo in the company.

When somebody is taking over is there it -- and there is a product on the horizon people are going to associate with the new executive, perhaps there is a concern about the best way to get this to market.

Can we take some risk off the table?

And how does it fit into everything else intel is doing?

One of the priorities of the company is to get its chips into the products people are using and more people are using phones and tablets.

Maybe that is where the focus will be.

It is a story that is continuing to evolve.

We will continue to follow it.

Thank you.

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