Intel Boosts Sales Forecast on Business PC Demand

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June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Intel raised its forecast for second-quarter revenue as demand for corporate personal computers picks up. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." Smead Capital Management CEO Bill Smead and Impax Asset Management CEO Ian Simm also comment. (Source: Bloomberg)

Boosting its second quarter in year revenue and gross margin targets.

Here's what's interesting here, looking at the release now, it's the result of stronger-than-expected demand for business pc's. that's the most -- who knew?

Surprising line that i have seen in quite some time.

So and it does look like there's some pockets in the economy.

I mean odd as this would seem encounter intuitive this would seem where we are seeing demand.

That's the exception to the rule, right?

It seems like it would be.

Now is not the time to buy the market because nobody can see the market rising substantially from here.

Speaking of asset bubble, surely stock market has to be one thinking about talking about said policy.

Massive risk.

If you're looking to your point, looking at potential for earnings upgrades where there are fundamental drivers of strength and water supply around the drought.

Air pollution in china.

Like the idea japanese pension fund starting weakties.

Pockets of interests, if you're global investors like we are, people want to exploit.

People going out buying pc's, trish -- surely we must be in recovery mode.

Next thing you know, they will all be running to radio shack sblfment that will make your day.

Reality is business still, look around the newsroom.

We still use pc's. true.

At that point in the cycle maybe where people do need to replace them?

We own ack sense ure.

Their job is to come into a large organization like yours and put systems in place.

So that's probably a pretty good sign for their business.

Tell them what process and you go out and buy computers and software and put it in place.

That is what goes on.

You told me on the commercial break you love stocks.

Always a bull on the stocks you

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