Inside Elon Musk’s Fight Across the United States

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Editor-In-Chief Matt Hardigree with Bloomberg’s Matt Miller, Edward Niedermeyer and Jamie Butters, discuss Tesla’s direct-sales strategy on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Confronted with the market reality we talked about.

Thank you for joining us.

Great to talk to you.

The vice president of business development.

Also joining us is the bloomberg news auto editor, jamie butters.

In his latest new column, he wrote that though tesla is attacking the franchise's most rectally, it is hardly a loan and pushing for changes, must we do well to reach out to other players.

What do you recommend he do?

Who else should he reach out to?

There has been a lot of effort to change how retail is done.

It goes back to the early 90's with the real automakers.

Experimenting with brands like saturn.

There has been a real sense of how traditional dealerships have operated in the u.s. could be better.

There is a possibility major automakers will be interested trying to find new models for other retail.

Also, outside traditional fields, you have companies trying to change online auto retailing.

Companies like costco show interest i think the only way this is going to be really successful is if tesla reaches out and builds coalitions.

My old friends, i am curious what you think about the political landscape right now.

They just passed a new law in washington.

Where do you think they have the best chance of growth within the united states right now?

A lot of it comes down to whether they are able to make progress on the dealer issue.

If taxes are able to leverage the plan to get an agreement there, that is obviously one of the huge markets that really holds a lot of promise for them.

More broadly, the answer is that tesla is fantastically positioned politically.

We are a very politically divided country but tesla has been able to inspire huge passion from the green environmentalists and also on the right, taking up this sort of free-market cause.

It is actually the political position in this country that has been brilliantly done.

He said, look, he does not think tesla, if they were at a regular auto dealer, that they would get a fair share of the sales pitch, that the dealers would make.

Is he right?

Like you said, there is anecdotal and numerical to go with it.

When somebody goes into a nissan dealership and they are saying, i want a small car and a smaller carbon footprint, they can show them the leaf and a bit -- they can say, how far will it go?

Is that a dealer problem or just a consumer public knowledge problem?

There is a learning curve.

For the dealer, they've got to make a sale.

They want to make one as efficiently as possible.

Selling a traditional car, whether the bmw or seven series or the i-8, or selling the nissan rogue instead of the leaf, is also easier.

That is what the salesperson on the floor is trying to get done.

They're trying to make a sale.

They made a good point about bringing america together on tesla's side and going against dealers.

There are a lot of nice dealers but a lot of people do not like car dealers.

They do not like the car process and have been unhappy for decades.

It pretty favorable light in most people's eyes.

Classes that why the leaf for instance did not do well?

Classes that a good point.

Or the vault.

We're seeing this bmw now.

We have seen the example.

Bmw spent a lot of money training if people.

This is the tesla model.

Here is a place fully devoted, a pyramid to tesla to come worship.

It is a super trendy car, a real status symbol.

U.s. seen it in the wealthiest in america.

It is a luxury item and will cost basically 100 grand or more are the one i auctioned out was 4:30. -- 430 grand.

Hang on.

I want to say, thank you so much . also, thank you to ed.

These last few moments, i know you were at the end of your auto show.

I talked to a lot of them here.

Do we have a string of that?

We do not.

A lot of the manufacturers say,

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