Inside an Underground Swiss Vault

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on the Zurich headquarters of Credit Suisse and the bank's secure vaults dedicated to private clients inside. on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."

If you are hiding assets in switzerland, you might want to get them out of those banks as soon as possible.

Today is the deadline for swiss banks to cut deals with the u.s. government to avoid prosecution for giving shelter to u.s. tax invaders.

There is a look and maybe you should not get used to it.

This is in zurich, it is 80 feet below.

This fault has 3500 safes.

We have it in 10 different sizes.

The biggest looks like a closet.

The smallest is 200 swiss francs.

The large ones, they are 1000. what you need is to have a bank account with us.

As soon as you have a bank account with us, you are capable to open the safe.

If you want to come to your safe, you have the two options, either you have the key with you or you leave it over here but you don't have to make an appointment.

People like to keep documents or jewelry inside.

They can stay over here for several minutes, the longest was three days in a row.

Whatever their business is

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