Innovation Is the Buzz Word of the Decade: Nardelli

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Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bob Nardelli, founder & CEO at XLR-8, offers his thoughts on the news of the day on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

It speaks volumes about allen and his commitment to ford and his employees.

He made a commitment and is living up to that commitment.

He has done a tremendous job there.

Stay with it and go out on the town.

Doesn't speak to the lack of ceo candidates out there?

I feel like we talk about alan mulally and microsoft everyday.

Is there a void at the top as far as possible ceo candidates?

I am perplexed about that, too.

There are a ton of potential candidates that could be competitive for this job.

We are aware of some of the concerns about two of the prior ceo's still staying on the board.

I have lived through that myself.

Allen has lived through it.

That is probably why he was in contentious -- in contention with bill ford staying on will stop a lot of people think that keeping bill ford -- in contention with bill ford staying on.

A lot of people think that keeping bill ford on was a bad idea.

There was one specific style of management and home depot.

He had trouble there.

He is a car guy.

Could he have gone to a software company?

I take exception with that we had trouble.

We doubled sales.

We almost tripled income.

But the question is, does management ability apply to every company, or do you need the background?

If you look at for today, they are benefiting through multiple expansion on some of the fundamentals we put in place.

Take chrysler.

We were there with cerberus, the team.

We took $5 billion out and now chrysler is bailing fiat out.

How is fiat using chrysler money to buy chrysler?

To me, it is a little perplexing that they negotiated to buy out the balance.

The employees trust actually needed that money because they've got to make good on the pensions.

That is unfortunately what happened to american workers.

You are getting squeezed.

But they could have done it to an ipo.

Through negotiations, they probably didn't want to take the risk of an ipo, because it might have been more than what they were offering in the back room.

I think they kind of came together, the union and be the end said, maybe a bird in hand is better.

The union wanted $6 billion and ultimately, four point $2 billion was the price.

What stood out to me last night was at the computer electronics show, ces, it was all about gadgets and technology.

Another ceo we talk about all the time is marissa mayer of yahoo!

And when she joined yahoo!, her whole platform was around engineering.

And last night it was really about within glamour and name dropping, really.

Katie couric joining us as the global anchor.

And nick, the wonder kid.

It was really a big show, not so much about products.

What is that telling us about yahoo!? just this week, mark andreessen tweeted "engineers, engineers, engineers" and that is not what she's doing.

She's putting on the glitz and glamour and making it exciting, which in.

Is all about content.

But now you have to follow through.

And apple was all about apps.

She probably is getting a sense of where the market is going.

In the last few days, in the paper it has all been about collapse, whether in the financial markets or comfort level trying to solve consumer problems.

Whatever the issues are that consumers are facing and how you solved them with an app.

Ces -- ces is all about cars this year.


I saw all of this at home depot after 9/11. home became a sanctuary and they wanted everything they had indoors outdoors.

Now you are seeing everybody in the car business, they want everything they've got at home in the car.

Inside the car, whether it is filters for allergies, direct connect for bluetooth, people are getting aspirational satisfaction about new apps for the cars.

Another headline doing that -- we saw out of ceo's was dario securing $34 million in funding.

They want to extend out and develop more apps for additional services.

They want to create real technology and real apps, not necessarily just pull out.

This is wild to me, broadcast or sending a broadcast been out into the air, that used to be the way to watch tv.

Aereo is now taking those airwaves, capturing them, putting them on the computer and charging for them.

Here is the thing, if broadcasters go only to cable, aereo is gone.

This new technology might ultimately get the song because everything is changing so fast.

Look at apple potential.

What did steve jobs do deco every product he created cannibalized his earlier products.

He was not waiting for samsung to step up.

He re-created.

He kept redefining it.

That is it.

And now it is more about broadcasting and content creation.

Innovation is the buzzword of this decade, whether you think about the oil and gas industry, probably the biggest disruptive technology is horizontal drilling, fracking to gain independence and energy in this country.

And we were talking earlier, adam, innovation and culture.

It is not just limited to products.

You have to continually reinvent yourself everyday.

If the rate of change internally to a company is not greater than externally, you are probably backing up.

And going back to that jack welch machine -- machine is a debate.

I have been very fortunate in my 34 years to have a great team of minimum and around me in each of these assignments.

-- team of men and women around the in each of these assignments.

But with jack welch, it was a privilege to work in an organization.

We say it is all about disruptive information.

Hasn't always been -- disruptive innovation.

Hasn't it always been?

We say that about jack welch.

He was not thought about as an innovator.

He was not about as a business leader.

I think we put that tag on there.

Jack was well ahead of his time as far as innovation, cultural change, having a strong, deep bench and creating a collegiate competitiveness.

We would go to those quarterly meetings and it was as fierce as the championship playoff the other night.

How did your division do, right?

But not as cold.

It got cold sometimes in that room.

When i stepped into some of those power systems we went from last to first and there is a tremendous amount of pride and competitiveness, you know, in a positive way.

No one was throwing anybody under the best, but we were all -- under the bus, but we were all aspiring to be the best.

Then do we need more business leaders in washington?

You look at the gridlock in d.c. and in some instances, they are not even speaking.

They are not playing a game.

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