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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Firefly Co-Founders Dan Shipper and Justin Meltzer discuss the company's co-browsing customer service product with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Sharing are not the same.

Basically, what our problem does -- product does is co- browsing for customer support.

If customers are having a problem, representatives can link up to their page.

It does not require download or installation.

It runs instantly with javascript.

The customer rep can only see what is on the page itself, so it is a private and focused experience.

A lot of people do internet browsing on mobile devices, their ipad, tablet or phone.

Was it difficult to make a transition?

The incumbents in the past to build co-browsing technology focused on technology that shows the entire screen.

We have a solution that works across any device, whether it is a computer or a mobile device, which is becoming increasingly important.

Whether you are on an i--- ipad or android.

We chose technology that worked really well inside of the browser.

People are more cagey about their personal data.

Talk about the partnership you announced with a start up.

What we noticed when we launched is our software works well as part of a larger platform.

There are a lot of companies that do live chat that want coal browsing, but they do not want to develop it themselves, so we partner, have them roll it into their product and sell to our customers.

Our first big partnership is with a company that allows customers to chat on their website.

Any customer chatting with one of their customers can use our co-browsing.

They have the hard work of being customer-facing in this case.


Talk about how you came up with the idea to get involved in customer service, typically with first round capital's dorm room fund.

My father wanted to do a graph that, basically have a graph or a grid come down from the webpage and you could point out a cell and say i want you to look at e5, as a way to look at the website.

We took that and ran.

The dorm room fund -- it was spun out and it was completely run by students for students and they chose us as the first of

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