INE Ventures: Helping Israeli Startups Reach U.S.

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Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Josh Cline, general partner at INE Ventures, explains the goals of his company’s investment in Israeli tech startups on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

High-tech startups.

The general idea is to hope companies relocate to new york and philadelphia.

The research and development will stay here in israel.

We are investing about $300,000 into these companies.

We are bringing them over to the united states.

Israel, right now, whether it is the tel aviv stock exchange, they are trying to build tech companies here and not moving them to the united states.

There are two philosophies.

To stay and grow and build and enter the u.s. market at a later stage.

But what we see here in israel and being in the industry for 50 years in israel is that so many new startups are popping up every day.

The lack of funding in israel is getting smaller and smaller and the amount of companies that are popping up each day because of easy access to cloud platforms is more and more companies with less and less money.

The preface of the fund is to get them at the united states, helped them with the execution of the operations, and see more of those companies succeed quicker.

In israel, more companies fail, not because of technology, they cannot get to the market quick enough.

In silicon valley, there are some in the israeli tech companies.

There are quite a few on the east coast as well.

Why is there this cap?

-- gap?

You go to sunnyvale and places in the silicon valley -- the gap is that a lot of companies do get there on their own or in the valley they go with an accelerator that helps early companies.

Not many companies are trying to come to the east coast.

New york has the second largest amount of venture capital funding.

More and more israelis are going to the east coast.

There are many that want to figure out how to get there.

We want to focus on mobile and sas companies.

We have multiple partners that will be working with us on the investment side.

They will only invest if there is a way to get to the united states.

You call us a fund, an accelerator, whatever you want.

We are focusing on the operational side, with a whole mentoring program of 150 people.

We do know that new york city wants to invest in israeli companies.

They will not invest well they are over there.

And new fund the launching to encourage israeli companies to move over to the east coast, to get there before coming back your to israel.

Back to you.

Thank you very much indeed.

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We need a big market, so

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