Industry Hopes 787 Trouble `Introductory': Crandall

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Crandall, former American Airlines CEO, talks with Betty Liu about the troubles of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner following last week's runway fire in London and the impact of the jet's troubles on Boeing and the aviation industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

-- the worry.

-- they worry.

Every new airplane will have a series of problems.

This one has been a bit more serious than most of them.

Because it is a very large financial commitment from the airline's point of view in because all of the airlines have a planned the usage of this airplane bar in the future, they have the commitments.

Everybody is hoping that this is simply the kind of introductory problems that airlines typically have.

It is nerve-racking for the public to hear about these problems.

At what point do ceos start to inc.

I know we have commitments for these dreamliner's but maybe we want to scale back?

I do not think that is going to happen.

Unless this turns into a much more serious problem than it is likely to be.

I do not think it will affect the long-range planning of the airlines.

If it were to turn into a serious problem, there would be big problems for boeing and the airlines.

We already just had a serious problem.

What do we mean?

What we mean is something where they cannot easily identify the nature of the problem and cannot readily fix it.

I think that is very unlikely.

Why do you think, for what you have read and know, this dreamliner having so many problems already?

It is quite an usual to see a new jet with this many problems.

Not so much.

If you go back years ago to the 747, they have quite a long series of difficulties of this kind.

The problem is this airplane does really break new ground in a variety of areas.

They are stretching the technology to do everything they can to increase the range, decreasing utilization and decrease the weight.

As a flyer, would you be nervous?

Not me.

I have great confidence in building -- boing and the faa.

They all know a serious accident would to be something they simply do not want to have or take responsibility for.

Everybody is being very careful and cautious.

Very conservative on her . thank you.

We will continue to monitor the story.

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