Indonesia Seeks Infrastructure Financing

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May 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin reports on the Indonesian government looking to its neighbors for financing of up to $346M for its infrastructure. She speaks to Zeb Eckert on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

When indonesia releases gdp data later today.

Jakarta is looking for overseas investors to offset the china effect.

Let's get more from our southeast correspondent.

She reported extensively from jakarta.

How much money does the government need?

300 $50 million.

That is what they are hoping to raise.

The plan is to increase funding provided by states by companies by at least 60%. that will hopefully kickstart projects across the country.

We are talking about roads, power plants, airports, trains.

It is a well-known story.

Indonesia is acting for -- infrastructure lags behind its neighbors.

Now, it is looking to its neighbors to help fund its development.

Off to japan, hong kong.

The prime minister has had a major setback.

He has been unable to fulfill a promise to build the country's infrastructure.

Investors are keeping away.

Take a look at fbi.

9.8% in the first quarter.

25% the quarter before.

The economy slowed last week to the slowest pace since 2009. q1 numbers do later today, and the market is forecasting a slowdown.

The government, of course, recognizes that.

It has set up indonesia if the searcher finance bank back in 2010, a company that will provide long-term funding for construction and development.

There are some terms.

Financing is limited to a maximum of 35% of each project, maximum loans.

We know there are big plans for a new train line, as well as airports in indonesia.

What is the likelihood of success?

Will they take off?

There is political will.

They want to expand 10 small airports, build roads across the island of sumatra.

Those are some of the plans.

New rules were announced in december.

100% of power plants built under public-private partnerships.

To be sure, such partnerships are ready exist, but they haven't been successful so far.

Here is the new attempt with the new rules.

Another potential issue is the change in government.

The president's second term ends this year.

Jakarta's governor leads in opinion polls to take over that position, but zappa, he has yet to detail plans on how he plans

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