Inditex 1Q EBITDA EU732M; Est. EU727.4M

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June 11 (Bloomberg) –- Kantar Retail Director of Retail Insights Bryan Roberts discusses inditex earnings, their outlook for growth and the state of the retail industry with Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Director at cantor retail.

Brian, good morning to you.

It is a multinational and multi platform.

I think that is three great strengths they are seeking to emulate.

It does have a multi-brand presence you can virtually shop several without realizing it.

A wide variety of styles.

It gives huge flexibility and all the existing markets.

Every broad sector of the population.

In some industries it seems to make sense to target specific groups with specific offerings.

You are not disadvantaged by cannibalizing other parts of the business, or as in other sectors it is seen as a no-no.

You do not launch these many brands because they risk cannibalizing your business.

How is it they managed to do ok even though they have these in-house competitors?

To does make a great deal of sense to have a highly segmented offer.

Some retail has achieved that with different brands in their mainstream store format.

M&a for example.

That's a great example.

They are using the big mainstream brands legs are as a mass offering.

-- big mainstream brands like zara as a mass offering.

They have a huge adaptability to take on lots of these different international markets.

They continue to globalize at a rapid pace.

Is there a limit to how many rants it could introduce?

-- brands it could introduce?

Is there a limit?

There is a feeling when you come to the level where it is a cumbersome operation to manage.

All of these will have different aspect in terms of logistics and marketing.

I think you can overcomplicate.

H&m is looking to mimic this approach as well with all these different concepts successfully targeting different parts of the market.

Tell me about the global expansion strategy.

They have been pushing into emerging markets.

I am always interested how retailers in the clothing sphere manage global growth when you talk about different seasons across hearts of the world.

I lived in the middle east.

It was amazing to see enormous coats on sale when it was 25 and more degrees outside.

Some of the a stratum retailers have been fearing the arrival of european businesses.

There are complications when it comes to different markets.

There might be different average body sizes.

A number of retailers struggle with basic things like that.

Seasonality can be a big issue.

They are very responsive in terms of this beat with which they can change their collections or perhaps liquidate stock which hasn't been quite so well.

It's not a simple business for any retailer.

Clothing seems to be the most successful in terms of eating portable and adaptable and linking up to local partners to address different idiosyncrasies you find in different markets.

A quick question on sainsbury . they all left at the top as things were just creaking.

I think there are a few skeletons in the cupboard at sainsbury compared to tesco.

They clearly are slowing down.

I think -1.1% in a zero growth market, and tesco and morrison's are doing worse.

I think sainsbury is still a strong business.

It's not great news.

It could be a lot worse as we have seen from some of the other players in the sector.

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