Indian Launch Going Exceptionally Well: Polaris CEO

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Polaris Industries CEO Scott Wine discusses the Indian motorcycle launch and how the company is driving profit growth. He speaks with Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The motorcycle team is doing.

At the indian launch has gone exceptionally well for us.

11,000 people have taken test rides and the feedback has been phenomenal.

The number of orders we have received from dealers and individuals is phenomenal.

We have taken particular care to make sure the bike get out.

We ramped up a little bit slower than we initially thought.

Any mis-was not around the indian launch, it was around the victory.

With retail of 30% in the third quarter, it was just a matter of time when the bikes go out.

I know you guys have done a great job with the bikes, you're building them in the u.s. as well.

Creating a lot of new jobs in the world loves them.

You're on the cover of everything.

You make high-end, high priced road cruisers.

Is the market really in more affordable sports bikes?

Or something that someone in a tough economy can pick up to write to and from work?

Commuting machines as well?

We do quite well with the high-end and high-performance products and all of the businesses across polaris.

The iconic indian brand is so strong across all demographic sectors.

There has been quite a historic demand for these products.

Also in europe and australia.

There is a heavyweight motorcycle industry here and we will compete in that.

Harley davidson a big competitor that announced its biggest product launch in more than one century, days after your announcement.

How did that affect sales?

I think it will bring more attention back to the heavyweight industry.

As matt pointed out, if you read any of the industry rags, the writeups on indian have gone extremely well.

I think people want to give us a test drive.

Positive news for the industry when they had a big product launch this year.

Everyone thinks about snowmobiles when they think about polaris and now we think about indian and victory.

The apparel line climb, anyone into the motorcycles knows that this is a high-end, almost luxury adventure brand.

How are you doing with that and where do you think it goes in terms of volume?

Climb is a great product and a great group of people out there in idaho.

Our garments and accessories business is up 37%, the highest gross profit margin business.

Climb is adding to that growth.

Alaris has not traditionally been great at apparel.

We are going from not great to being an industry leader, and climb will lead the way there.

What about other acquisitions and the types of companies you might be looking at to grow?

We will not disclose our target list, but there are discussions going on.

We look for ways to drive profitable growth not only in the u.s. but internationally.

We see lots of opportunities to do that organically and by leveraging the balance sheet.

Can you give us a sense of what you would be looking at?

Look at what we have done.

The small vehicle category, we signed a joint venture with i sureshure in india.

Indian is a wonderful example of leveraging strength and institutions to bring them to life and grow a profitable business over time.

Scandinavia and russia up 38%, you guys are on fire.

Certainly, the fundamentals have been strong.

Thanks for being with us, scott.

Coming up, legendary investor

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