We Need to See Modi Overhaul Labor Laws: Martin

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Capital Economics Asia Economist Daniel Martin discusses the key economic data to be released this week and what he’s keeping an eye on with Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Reported and net income is expected to reach a record.

More than $12 million.

So, you can see a busy week.

Check out the key of events in asia this week.

Our next guest joins us live from singapore.

It is a busy week.

A lot of countries and nations are coming through with data.

Talk about the highlights.

You have japan coming out with inflation data.


It looks like it will be quite strong.

The first bit of good news out of the economy for a long time.

It may be a tough higher.

The rebound in industrial production and vehicle sales.

The question is how people excited about india are going.

We will look for more action from him later in the year they are trying to get momentum going.

That is the thing.

The first 100 days seem to be a little underwhelming here.

There is a sense of worrying about the reform and the direction of them.

What do you think he needs to do to step up the measure to regain confidence amongst constituents and globally?

Well, i think we need to see some big statements on what he likes to do with the economy.

It is piecemeal and he has made changes to labor reforms.

We want to see the labor laws.

They make the manufacturing sector.

We want to see some announcements on subsidies.

It is not an efficient way to spend money.

It is not so much what he does.

It is the message he is putting up.

It is early and we cannot expect too much.

We are not seeing enthusiasm for reform and there are questions about how much they want to do?

-- they want to do.

There may be optimism with the changes from the predecessor rather than his record.

We are looking at the markets.

All right.

Markets get excited in jackson hole.

We have central bankers there.

The markets reacted to the fed coming out and saying that they support recovery's. mario came out with pointed remarks and criticisms and -- about the austerity measures that exist and that there needs to be more flexibility.

Does this data be part of the solution for europe?

There is no doubt that fiscal austerity has been a huge weights on the economy.

It has not been entirely necessary.

There are governments that they need to address.

And more solid countries, finances look better.

The ecb needs to do more, as well.

There is so much better capacity.

It looks like inflation is going down further unless they do more work.

We expect this around the end of the year.

All right.

What about japan?

You expect more stimulus?

Not this year.

They will extend she we for another year -- she we -- qree for another year.

The data shows a small drop in inflation.

That reflects last year and there was a straight increase in inflation.

It is because of that and there

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