Flight Safety: Charting the Likelihood of a Crash

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Off The Charts," Scarlet Fu looks at flight safety statistics on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Morning's "off the charts." this is from matthew yglesias' blog at slate.

He shows that fatalities from planes are extremely rare.

You are more likely to die driving a car or riding in a taxi than being in a plane.

90% of aviation fatalities were in the general aviation sector here that means that private pilots were set ash flying single-engine aircraft.

The vast majority of the aircraft accidents between 2000 two 2010 were results of pilot error rather than mechanical problems with the aircraft.

And the lower fatality rates show it is much more survivable.

The technology has made a huge difference.

Flame retardant part -- prevents fire from spreading.

You have enhanced crew training -- crashes themselves have become more infrequent.

Usually with smaller airlines than the bigger jumbo jets.

Speaking of flying, sara, you had no fear of flying this

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