Who Buys CNN? Five Options in Possible Fox-TWX Deal

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Sam Grobart reports on possible repercussions to CNN if Twenty-First Century Fox buys Time Warner. Grobart speaks on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Cnn has got to be sold, if this happens, but to who?

That is a big question.

You have to ask yourself, who would want to see and in?

There are a couple that rise to the forward pretty quickly.

Among them, disney.

They have no cable news that were.

They would be adjusted in combining those two assets.

John skipper running 24 hours news and information networks.

Another company that you would want to have to think about is yahoo!, ever since mercer mayer took on server, it is been clear that she wants yahoo!

To be a 21st-century media company.

This might add an additional venue.

Or many of the big names, the people that she is hired recently, and you can see that being a possible combination.

It has a lot of traffic, it has a lot of eyeballs.

Then, there is cbs, the other big network that doesn't have a major table presents.

You can see sumner redstone.

It is kind of funny.

Rupert murdoch, sumner redstone, these are the names we have been talking about the last 30 years.

That is interesting.

Some of the same acquisitions we are talking about.

I wonder, one of the things that is not well understood is that maybe murdoch would not want this.

The different businesses work together.

Talk to us a little bit about how time warner has been able to use hbo as a tool to force carriers to take tnt, tbs, and cnn when they would not otherwise want to pay for those services.

When a company like time warner goes to comcast one of the cable operator, it is a package deal.

Do you want hbo?

Of course they want hbo.

They need to have hbo, they need to have espn.

Those companies make them take on additional channels as part of the overall bundle and that is why we have all of the channels that we do have on our dial.

Many of them would not survive on their own so they need to be part of a larger bundle which leads to who would want to buy cnn?

Cnn would need to be paired with a very powerful channel partner to make a good deal and have a lot of leverage with those cable operators.

The possibilities are endless.

They do so much for breaking us down for us.

Now, the terms of the deal

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