Implementing Sourcefire's Security Products

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Cisco's Christopher Young discusses the company's acquisition of Sourcefire with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

And open source community that they have founded, it's a great fit with cisco and our strategy and where we are taking our portfolio to help customers solve their most difficult security challenges.

Let's drill down a little bit on some of that.

I don't want to get too geeked out.

When a customer walks in the door and says i need this thing -- is there a particular way it's going and sourcefire has a product that you don't have now?

One of the top issues for companies right now is advanced threat detection.

You've seen a lot in the news about malware and advanced attacks.

This has become an issue not only for government agencies, but for enterprises of all sizes and across all countries around the world.

This is a key issue for customers and we look at the innovation sourcefire has done not only in their crucial business that in developing new technologies and new approaches to finding and stopping malware in a continuous way across the infrastructure.

We thought what they brought to the table was super special and we expect to be a will to that across cisco.

Maybe if you could define that a little bit and talk about how it plays in government.

As we speak right now, the house is debating spending -- they're talking about a civil liberties issue, but 25% of the revenue for sourcefire came from government spending increasing year-over-year at 60%. why is it a government spending issue?

If you look at advanced malware, it is the next evolution of the security problems that customers are trying to deal with.

It's not just governments, it is enterprises as well.

As governments prioritize how they're going to spend money and orient their defenses, we expect a lot more of their effort and energy will be focused in this area.

Last question -- if there is a government slowdown in spending at the nsa, how much will that affect sourcefire?

We expect government and private sector organizations will prioritize the kind of spending they are doing with companies like sourcefire, companies that are pioneering and at the cutting-edge of helping governments find the most advanced, hardest to and hardest to deal with threats that are out there.

We expect while all the trade- offs are being made, this kind of technology and the kind of expertise sourcefire and cisco

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