Imperial Tobacco Sparks E-Cigarette Legal Battle

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg European business correspondent Caroline Hyde reports on Imperial Tobacco’s lawsuit alleging patent infringement against makers of electronic cigarettes on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Companies that are smaller electronic cigarette producers.

Imperial tobacco is late to the party and they make monte christo cigars.

Only a couple of weeks ago did they get the electronic cigarettes on the shelves.

Potentially, they are now focusing on fending off the competition.

The result is them saying that they want to protect intellectual property and they are saying that nine makers of electronic cigarettes are infringing on patents.

This is an attack on the smaller competitors that are in the market and that is on top of the fact that these large companies, the likes of imperial tobacco, are busy getting producers.

A issa great unit was bought back in september and you can see what i want part of the market.

It is going to be -- and he cigarette unit was bought back in september and you can see why they want part of the market.

It is going to be huge.

And the u.s. and the united kingdom, 10%-50% already use these -- 15% already use these.

I vape because i wanted to stop smoking.

That is a whole other agenda.

This is something that regulation is picking up and could be a concern for the smaller players.

Regulation means financial firepower.

They are saying that the strongest electronic cigarettes -- we are seeing as a way of getting off smoking and it is more cost efficient.

It is not as nice as smoking.

It does not take the same.

This is why phillip morris and imperial are doing vast amount of research and development.

They won't when that taste better -- they want one that tastes better.

It does not taste the same and does not have the same effect yet.

I have friends who bought every version, an expensive one, and moderately cheap one.

Is the nicotine.

It is the nicotine.

I, for now, i'm not.

>it does work.

Tobacco kills 700,000 a year in the eu . we need to find a healthier and safe your desk safer route -- safer route.

Stay with us.

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