Immelt: Product and Process Are the Same Thing

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Immelt, chairman & CEO at General Electric, talks with Tom Keene about the company’s manufacturing strengths and the advantages they have over competitors. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

The future of this dominant part of your business, what is the best practice?

I think the ability to localize.

They are not doing that?

These businesses are about technology, globalization, services.

It is those three things.

It is high research and development.

It is sustained services and outcomes.

It is this ability to bring solutions across a broader way of different countries.

That takes big scale.

That is what we can bring.

I am on the airplane and you see a ge engine.

You need technical excellence.

It comes down to process technology.

A combination of two things.

Deep domain understanding and you try to match that with strong manufacturing.

The day, the product and the process are the same thing.

Without the supplying chain, you cannot deliver these new technologies.

In many ways, manufacturing is more important today than it has

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