Immelt: Don't Confuse Tailwinds With Management

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Immelt, chairman & CEO at General Electric, talks with Tom Keene about management practices and the growth opportunities he sees around the world. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


[laughter] there is no case and life today for big and slow.

We try to be a big fast company.

We have to be very focused on markets.

Every process we have is focused on speed.

Let me ask you -- what was the worst practice you learned coming out of the financial crisis?

Never confuse tailwind with good management.

In other words, when things are going well, when the country is delivering, everybody look smart.

Ideas look smart.

The time when you should ask the most questions are when things are apparently going the best.

The ceo of pimco was just on.

He is committed to a new normal future.

You don't buy that.

You have a greater optimism.

I would say that you have to go out and capture growth.

We are in 160 countries around the world.

We have very intense localization plans in terms of where we are going.

Last week, i was in china, korea, japan.

We have growth opportunities in all of those countries.

Vietnam -- you have to have this

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