IMF Raises U.S. Growth Forecast

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Alix Steel, Olivia Sterns, Julie Hyman, Adam Johnson and Trish Regan wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Will expand at a faster pace next year, so given that positive data, christine lagarde praising the fed decision to taper its bond buying program last week.

The imf forecast in october that the u.s. economy would expand 2.6% this year.

We do not have a figure per se, but the imf intending to improve the outlook, and it should.

4.1%, don't take it away.

We also had personal spending rising in november as well, so will be interesting to see how it plays out when we get the heavier data next week.

It is incredible to think about how many headwinds have come off the u.s. economy.

Yes we got the budget deal, and clearly the market took the taper in stride.

Christine lagarde says a lot more certainty for 2014. manufacturing is cheaper now in this country and that will always be a tailwind.

Part of that is cheap energy.

We have a lot of natural gas and you can use natural gas to power the factories, plus you don't have to move it from china anymore.

What is going to happen to the market in the new year?

All this is baked in at this point.

The market has done incredibly well.

The economic data will continue to support it.

The past two springs we have had false starts with the economy, where things looked really strong going into the new year, and then the data did not support it.

So yes, things look good right now, but there is no guarantee that every economic report that comes out for the next six months will be positive every of course not.

You look at where stocks are trading and if you want to use 116 for next week, it is a 15 handle.

That historically is right in the middle of the 14-17 range.

Rates have not backed up yet.

We will see how long it lasts.

Let's talk about specific companies for today, joseph a bank says it will not expect a $55 a share takeover offer from its rival, men's wearhouse.

It represents another turn in the battle that started in october between the two chains.

A $2.3 billion bid for men's warehouse was rejected.

Then joseph a bank use virtually the same reasoning for rejecting the bid, saying it was inadequate, it was too low.

At some point, don't they have to merge together in order to grow?

Joseph a bank has put a lot of pressure on itself.

It has been talking about making acquisitions for years.

Are they going to go back to men's wearhouse again?

Who else will they buy?

If you look at their sales, they are not that great.

Joseph a bank down 11% in the second quarter.

Men's wearhouse having a similar issue.

Other than wall street, there is a trend towards casual now.

What does that mean for these companies?

If one of them does look elsewhere for an acquisition, that is one of the lines of discussion that maybe they will go more casual and expand in that area.

Quick earnings at both companies forecast to be down 2% in 2014. moving on, speaking of president obama, today's the deadline for americans to sign up for obamacare health coverage, but it has been extended until midnight tomorrow.

Government technicians deployed a system when traffic at the site approaches 50,000 simultaneous users.

One of those users was the president himself.

He signed up on the inside himself.

Of course the military does take care of the president.

It is symbolic, but come on.

I think he might have had someone help him.

If you call lynn, they tell you in advance, make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

-- if you call in advance.

What do you guys make of the new cnn poll that came out over the weekend, that 62% of americans reject or don't approve of obama care, only 36% -- a kaiser foundation poll showed different results.

What do you think about obama care or the affordable care act?

Fair enough, there is a bias if you call it obamacare versus the affordable care act.

Next don't we need time for this to play out before they see if it actually works?

The rollout didn't work, but six months down the road, that's when you have to ask.

Greg 64% of american now doesn't like it because they have heard nothing but negativity surrounding it.

When you hear problems it cannot sign up for a plan or they have to forgo their current plan to get a more expand -- more expensive land, that is what makes news.

And the conservative pundits are having a field day with it.

They were the ones who wanted to dismantle obama care, but now it looks like the president is doing it himself.

If you think of all the mandates that have been pushed back, then you had the mandate for small businesses that also got pushed back a year, and then there are all those millions of people that were promised they could keep her plans him and they have been told they will be exempt from the fees for the first year.

You can understand why people are voting as they do.

Here's the comeback kid,

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