IMAX CEO: I Always See Funky Trading Patterns

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond discusses the increased scrutiny over stock manipulation and the challenge of job creation. He speaks with Betty Liu speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Ools, that there is stock manipulation going on.

You are the ceo of a public company.

How much is that a concern or how much do you want to watch out for?

I would put in a broader context, transparency in general.

All kind of weird things happen to your stock during the day.

In the last 10 minutes a goes down 1% or the other way, and you really do not know why.

As someone running the company, you need to be oblivious and satire martin that over the longer term, but as someone who investment cares about -- and run it over the longer term, but as someone who cares about the investors, something to look at is the issue of shorts.

They do not have to care.

There is not a lot of exposure.

I think there definitely needs to be a window into it.

It sounds like what you are saying is we need a bit more transparency because clearly, as a ceo, you do not want to say you are watching your stock price every moment, but if you're having more transparency, you are saying is a better thing for you because you are tracking your stock price?

Not me, i would say ultimately my investors because people will call up, the weekend box office will be good or bad, and it will go a certain way and say what is going on?

Asked have you seen any -- have you seen anything suspicious in your time that imax?

I always see what i would call funky trading patterns that i did not understand, and if i do not understand in the business, how with the retail investor understand?

Why can we not get people more information?

On a broader scale, you have been running imax for the last five years as ceo, seen the ups and downs.

Really 20 years in one way or another, that he.

-- betty.

Right, you have been at the home for so long.

So many ups and downs of the economy.

What do you see in the jobs market?

How do you feel about the economy, particularly the business going through your theaters?

I will separate it in two parts -- in terms of my business , we are global, in 38 countries.

I do not think the united states is the engine of growth.

It is much more asia, taiwan, the philippines.

Places like that.

That is where it feels to me it is running strong.

In the u.s. it seems kind of moderate, not as good as it looks, or bad as it seems -- someone in the middle.

So it is a little lukewarm.

However, yet other parts of my life it is hard not to see the economy strengthening.

Larry summers wrote an op-ed and he said "the great economic problem for millennium has been scarcity -- people what watch more than can be produced and the challenge has been to produce as much as possible and make sure everyone gets their fair share.

The economic challenge of the future will not be producing enough.

It will be providing enough good jobs." would you agree with that?

I would mostly agree with that because the advantage of technology is that it creates more productivity.

The other side of that, of course, is if there is more productivity, there will be less higher-quality jobs.

That is difficult.

It is one that i spent some time thinking about.

How do keep progressing the situation, which you really need to do, and that imacs we are always looking to things -- at imacs we are always looking at doing things bigger and more efficiently, and that is one of the challenges facing us right now.

Richard gelfond, ceo of imax, you are staying with me for the hour.

Breaking news following -- on the wires.

Abbcie raises its offer for shire.

Shire said that they had undervalued the company.

Germany's second-largest lender commerzbank will likely be the next to resolve violation allegations, paying a fine.

I want to head to our berlin

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