Iliad With Lower Risk Could Nab T-Mobile

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Iliad may not have to outbid Sprint to win control of T-Mobile US. It just needs to get close. That’s because there’s a greater chance the French phone company can win U.S. regulatory approval. Cory Johnson reports on the players on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


T-mobile announce the results of another strong quarter.

There's been a fantastic turnaround of this company under the very colorful ceo.

He had a plan before he showed up, and really changed his look, and also changed the company.

It is also changing the telecom company with some new practices.

They have seen some growth.

It has attracted the interest of sprint, and now enter, iliad.

This dollar full french telecom carrier where the ceo was just as colorful as john leisure -- john.

He owns the rights to the song "my way." smart guy.

He makes a bid for a substantial fortune of the shares of t-mobile, offering $35 a share, and suggesting that is.

Is in fthis bid is in line with the company.

Are they going to make a higher bid with the indication that he will not be going away anytime soon?

The real question, where will they get the money?

Various mueller company -- they are a smaller company, and they do not have that kind of cash.

Thank you.

Cory johnson, in new york with us.

We will return in a moment on "in the loop."

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