Iliad May Be Talking With Buyout Firms for T-Mobile

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Sept. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Manuel Baigorri reports on Iliad said to be looking to make a new bid for T-Mobile U.S. with the help of buyout firms. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Fairly determined move by iliad.

That is what fascinates me.

To get the extra funding in place.


Thank you for having me here.

It is a great move by billionaire head xavier niel.

A lot of people are asking, why do you want to get into the u.s.? it is a very challenging market but it is probably the best and most exciting market to be in.

After being very successful in france, he wants to export the same business model to the u.s. that is probably one of the views here.

There is a distance to travel between $33 a share, the last lowball offer they made, and $35. to make up that gap, give me some sense of how difficult that is to achieve.

It is difficult.

$33 per share was a bit of a stretch.

$15 billion.


It is a big deal.

It is a bit of a stretch, they were saying.

Investors seemed to not like the news the day that much.

It will be a lot of money on the table.

The proposition is, it is not just the dollar price tag.

It is also these synergies.

$10 billion worth of synergies.

Does that make sense to you?

We need to keep in mind that telecoms is very capex intensive.

He will need to keep up investment over the years.

Even though investment and synergies is always a tricky question when it comes to a deal.

This is why they promise the market so much.

Every quarter, we try to read the tea leaves.

What is the biggest obstacle here, the regulators?

They do not want to see a compression down to three key players.


That is one of the reasons why sprint withdrew its bid for t-mobile last month.

Because regulators were really concerned about downsizing the market.

That is why iliad may have a match this time.

The biggest question, is it going to be able to raise enough funds?

Make sure you come back and tell us when that story drops.

Manual, deals reporter at bloomberg news.

Thank you so much.

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