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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Chairman & CEO of Disney Bob Iger discusses how mobile has changed his strategy for growth opportunities for mobile gaming with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Accessible on a bunch of platforms.

You also talked about your strategy with games and how mobile has affected that.

Maybe you can clarify what we should be thinking about with respect to disney making games and how mobile has changed your strategy.

It has changed it a lot.

When we entered the game market, we have entered a few times, fits and starts, but we entered this last go around which was about 6, 7 years ago, more focused on console games.

Which is obviously not mobile in nature.

Those games not only cost a lot to produce and market, but they are limiting in terms of people's access to them, again, fixed in the home.

We have seen, mostly because of the development of smart mobile devices, phones and tablets, just a huge increase in mobile in that space, tremendous increase.

It is really where the games marketing is today as far as we are concerned.

We have shifted our strategy dramatically.

I would say that is sort of probably the most obvious.

Interestingly enough, infinity is a game that is designed both for the fixed platform and mobile.

It is actually the first game we have rolled out that is playable on multiple devices.

This is a game that has a variety of disney characters, you can find all of these different pairing ups.

It uses a number of disney characters.

It basically combines physical elements, basically toys or figurines, with a technology platform, basically the game player.

It is also available with a fixed product on mobile devices, too, and it gives the user the ability to mix and match characters.

So jack sparrow from "pirates" can be in the game with lightning the queen -- lightning mcqueen from "cars," but it is the trend in mobile and where we need to be in the space.

Television or film entertainment is just as important to be there from a mobile perspective.

I knew we were the first in the business, but we will continue to be very aggressive in that regard, not just for tv but movies as well.

Maybe you can elaborate a little in the context of some of

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