Iger: Marvel Brand Helps Disney Stay on Top

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg)- - Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Co., comments on the company's earnings and the success of Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy." He speaks with Jon Erlichman on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

And performance was pretty strong across the board this quarter, but start with espn.

A huge part of the profit story of disney.

When you heard that foxworth was interest in time warner, we had people look at what that means for fox sports one and what it means for espn.

How do you stay on top, how do you stay competitive when you are on top?

It was the highest quarter in the history of the company and had significant growth.

I think this is a quarter that we consider among the best if not the best.

In terms of staying on top, it's pretty obvious from our strategy and our assets, we believe you have to make great content, you have to either create or nurture great rants and franchises that in today's world, with so much consumer choice, more than we have ever seen before, content not only has to be good, but brands are very important.

Guardians of the galaxy is a great example of that.

People said it came out of nowhere because those characters were not well-known.

The title was not well-known, but the marvel brand has become something at least in the consumer's eyes that really means something and that should be trusted, because they have a track record of making good films.

In today's world, that serves marvel well and serves disney well and will continue to serve companies in the space well.

You have a poster behind you, a big weekend.

You had hinted before that there

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