Iger: Disney Deal Is Smart for Netflix

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Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger comments on the new content deal with Netflix. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

You started with this announcement of a new deal with netflix for original tv shows tied to the marvel characters.

There was no financial attachment, but how significant could a deal like that be?

There are numbers.

We are getting paid for that.

This is a really smart deal, we think for netflix because they have done well already with some investments in original programming, and turning to randy -- branded rogue ramming is a smart step for them and marvel provides that.

This gives us an opportunity to create and own for new series that netflix will have exclusivity for for a time, starting in 2016 when the series is made available to them.

We are obviously getting paid a price that makes sense for us.

We are not going to be specific about what that is, but this will be a well produced series that will take production investment to deliver the kind of quality we promised to netflix.

From an economic perspective, the money we are being paid is something that make sense to us, given what will be the investment in the production.

I found myself wondering if this is the first of a few original deal that could be coming?

Could you do something similar with hulu?

We talked about making these series available to others and there was quite a bit of interest in the marketplace for these series.

The answer is yes, we will as a company create more original programming for platforms that are not ours.

We have some great networks with abc and abc family and the disney channels and espn.

They are not going to buy original scripted programming for a while anyway.

But we can sell so much rogue ramming from marvel to them.

We have shielded another being developed and plans for our disney channel.

This seemed to be a great opportunity and there will be other opportunities on other platforms to do similar things.

Lex you highlighted the various channels that make up the disney channel helping to few the

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