The Ultimate Selfie? Ellen Tweets the Oscars

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Scarlet Fu looks at the use of Twitter at the Oscars on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tweet thing.

It got huge traction.

It crashed twitter.

Can you help me here?

Why do people beat up on and hathaway?

Twitter was a vicious.

She is a little too eager and she's an enthusiastic drama club kid.

People like to be up on her.

What was kevin spacey doing their?

He was with all the a-list stars.

It crashed twitter and bradley cooper -- which one is he?

This is successful.

The attempt at integrating twitter and social media into the grammys was awful.

Ll cool j was mentioning #but this is a clever and comfortable way to bring social media into this.

We've got cory johnson today.

I enjoyed watching it on twitter.

. the second screen is arguably the biggest change and the way the main events are happening and broadcasting.

Broadcasters are adapting to what they call the second screen.

If you are tweeting, you have to watch it live and if you watch it live -- ellen took a picture of everyone with her camera phone and then it was a samsung commercial afterwards.

Do you think that was an accident?

We want to put this back into the best picture category.

Charlie rose interview the director of "12 years a slave." at some point, i wanted to make a movie about slavery.

For me, there was a hole in the canon in cinema about the subject.

It was not referenced were there for me.

I wanted to investigate that.

I wanted to find out about that.

If you stayed up to watch the whole oscar sermon a, you will notice brad pitt went up there to get the award because he was one of the producers of the

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