Microsoft's Best CEO Candidate Works There: Thill

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) –- UBS Managing Director Brent Thill discusses Bill Gates and the search for a new Microsoft CEO. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Made it clear he's not going back?

He's got other purposes in his life right now which he highlighted.

I don't leave he's coming back at this point.

What does that mean?

Wall street wants an outsider, someone that can come in and shake it up.

Everyone is hoping that you can find a leader that has gone to one of those companies to potentially come back.

He basically ran the google plus.

He was one of the platform evangelists so his name has been brought up.

We think the best chance on the inside is nardela, in the cloud business.

He's gotten the server business back on track.

He can probably do the best job but right now, the institutional investors want something from the outside.

Is the inside guy really a right choice given that microsoft has been struggling so much?

Maybe they need someone from the outside to change it up?

That is why our clients want that.

The server business is one of their best businesses with the best margin profile.

The cloud is something they have been working on and he's behind that.

I think he's very capable.

Whoever comes in from the outside, it will take some time to look at what's going on.

How involved do you think gates is in the search?

More engaged than he let on in the interview.

He cap talking about "the board " not meeting him.

I believe he's very involved.

What believes -- what makes you think that?

He's the engineering mastermind behind it.

Bill gates was there building the company.

Steve ballmer was the sales engine.

When you look at what he has created, there has only been two ceo's in the company and he is heavily involved with a lot of the decisions, more so than he let on during the interview.

They said they would be making a decision early this

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