IDC: Tablet Sales Drop on Lack of New iPad

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August 5 (Bloomberg) -- IDC Research Director Tom Mainelli discusses the winners and the losers in the tablet game with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Guest manages global shipments and joins me here in san francisco.

These are second-quarter numbers.

How important is the second quarter to the tablet market?

Traditionally we have seen a big bump that it was driven, more often than not, buy a new release from apple.

That did not happen this quarter.

Numbers are down, as we expected.

The totals are close to what we predicted that the mix was different.

That sort of the headline.

Apple always gaining share.

It did not happen this quarter.

Who was?

Android operating system gaining share against ios.

From a vendor perspective, samsung and a few others went up . let's break it down.

The android could be any flavor and we are just talking about amazon.

How important is the candle -- kindle?

The numbers weren't great for this quarter.

Amazon typically launches a new product in time for the holiday season.

Apple is actually following suit now and launching in the fourth quarter so we will see new amazon rodda and the fourth quarter as well as our old.

We think a lot of the shipments have moved to the fourth quarter.

Is amazon still the dominant maker of android tablets?

In the u.s., they have a huge market share.

Worldwide, they did not make the top five this quarter.

Is that the first time?

They typically have a big fourth quarter and slower during the middle part of the year.

We look at the fourth quarter number from last year, i'm sure they were in the top five.

Not terribly shocking they were not there, but i would ask xm to reassert themselves later in the year.

I just saw asus.

I do not think of them much because i do not follow the chinese market.

Are they seeing success in the tablet market because of china?

They have a partnership with google in the nexus 7. that has been a popular device.


It's relative.

It is not ipad-like successful but it is one of the best- performing android tablets on the market.

Maybe it is because they break up the numbers, but we can say what they are like in terms of trailing revenue.

We have $39 billion in trailing revenue, really big numbers and units shipped, percentage gain, although it slows down without new devices, but we still have the percentage gains and it's an important part of the overall business.

What you'll see is companies like lenovo and asus who are big pc vendors.

The pc market has been having a tough time but some of these guys are starting to turn around a little bit having a little bit more success in the pc loss and they're starting to get a little bit of traction with windows 8. we're looking at a one quarter snapshot which you say is skewed.

Do we know about those things?

When they are touting statistics, they look at usage.


We have some data on that.

Ipad tablet users tended to be more engaged overall man android.

They are on the web more.

They buy more applications.

A lot of people are buying cheap android tablets and maybe all they do is check their e-mail or browse the web on occasion and they don't download a lot of apps.

There's a vast spectrum of users.

They are heavy users, and some are not.

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