Icahn Wins Again: Transocean Adds to Busy 2013

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior markets correspondent Julie Hyman reports on the latest investing triumph of Carl Icahn as Transocean agrees to a $1.1 billion dividend payment and examines the other targets he’s taken aim at in 2013. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Agreed to pay dividends and cut costs after a month of pressure.

Julie hyman is here with more.

This is huge on a year where carl icahn has crushed it.

He made over 7,000,000,005. he has done very well.

You do not get many 72 euros to our this vocal.

He does not want to sit around abhorring -- abhorring dinner parties.

They are getting three bucks a share.

That is more than they wanted to fork over.

He is getting a couple of directors that he wants whacked by the company.

-- backed by the company.

He is one of the guys who invented the formula.

If you look at his track record on some of the biggest names, he has not been successful in every case.

Behold dell situation when he tried to back an alternative bed.

It did not work out.

He is pushing for the company to buy that more stock.

Tim cook has not been entirely reset it.

They have had a meal together.

That does not mean he was -- she will be following the recommendation.

Some of the higher profile that have paid off.

-- netflix likened the state.

He has been a passive investor.

The shares are done very well.

The holding company is publicly traded.

The shares are up this year about 150%. he is ideal unless you are a

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