Icahn’s Activism Benefits All Shareholders: Hindery

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Leo Hindery, managing partner at Intermedia Partners, discusses the role of activist investors and Carl Icahn’s tweet about the Actavis deal for Forest Labs on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

He said great results for all forest labs shareholders.

Proves again the activism works.

It works why?

I am a big admirer of carl icahn.

Carl icahn has never come into a company without the other shareholders interest in mind.

There is shareholder activist that is very selfish.

I think ackman and others.

If you look at recent examples of guys coming into jcpenney, yahoo!

And dan loeb -- you say they are doing it for selfish reasons?

Sweetheart deals in and out are not in the interest of shareholders.

Carl icahn is very engaged.

He has in mind the best interest of the entire shareholding group.

This would have benefited everybody in the way he saw it.

I am a big fan of his.

This was an example of selfish and and selfish out.

Lex regardless.

Is carl icahn method any better than dan loeb or bill ackman?

Always better because he is acting on behalf of of all shareholders.

They can vote with their feet and leave activism or stay with it.

In the case of dam bo, he came in and took a special sweetheart deal to come in with the shareholding.

He tries it again and then leaves it on a special buyback that applies only to him.

Like when you see this faith benefited substantially.

Bill ackman and jcpenney.

Was he was -- was he working for his interest or the interest of the shareholders?

Area clear it was a complete disaster.

I think time will prove it was mostly in his own interest.

Why do you think activism is ever more present these days than in the market?

You mentioned i was once the president of at&t broadband.

At that time the average sure was held for three years.

Now the new average share is held or three months.

The short-term holding really favors activism.

Even with the large pension holdings, there is so much getting shorter.

Activism is synonymous with the word short-term holding.

Lex stay with me for a moment.

So much more.

Including the mover and

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