Icahn: Letter to Tim Cook Disclosed Tomorrow

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Carl Icahn says on Twitter: Just sent a letter to Tim Cook. Full letter will be disclosed on my website, the Shareholders’ Square Table, which will be launched tomorrow. Trish Regan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Some breaking news that we have on apple and carl icahn.

"just sent a letter to tim cook, the full letter will be disclosed on my website tomorrow." he is passionate about this, he wants to get an active community of shareholders together who are calling for change and better corporate governance among various companies.

Anyway, you know that he took a stake in apple, well over $1 billion, and he has been pressuring tim cook to do a fairly sizable buyback.

Of course, he and tim cook had dinner at his apartment just a couple of weeks ago and carl said that it went well.

I think that he at least made his case.

He made no commitment, but this is him trying to put pressure on apple and tim cook to think about doing this buyback.

We will see the entire letter being disclosed tomorrow.

Returning that cash to shareholders.

Karl has been on fire.

He has been -- very active.

He did just sell netflix.

He made over 450% in the stock, taking half of his position off the table.

It may have been a decision that his son and business partner did not totally agree with.

In other words, let your runners run.

But 450%? carl is like hey, i have been doing this for a while and that is at heck of a return.

It certainly is.

Coming up, chinese banks write off $3.5 billion in bad loans.

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