Icahn Clarifies His Tweet About NY Times Article

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Philadelphia Trust's Mike Crofton and Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller, Alix Steel, Adam Johnson wrap up the top market moves on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Talking about karo icon, the fight among activist billionaires continue -- karo icon continuing.

The fight among activist -- talking about karo carl ichan, the fight among activist billionaires is continuing.

George soros has doubled his stake in apple, another ichan favorite.

They are working together at herbalife, apple.

I talked to carl about this.

He said he has not personally spoken to mr.

Soros about either of these stocks, so maybe that could put some rumors to rest.

Remember, soros pulled out about $250 million out of bill ackman cost pershing -- ackman's pershing management.

So many people have piled into that herbalife trade.

It begs the question -- how personal is it?

It makes me think about trading places and a bunch of guys reading newspapers in the club and deciding, you know what?

Ackman is out.

It is an unbelievably dangerous game.

He got into it this morning.

He responded to a new york times column that addressed the effectiveness of activism, citing mr.

Ackman specifically.

That is a painful tweet.

Especially because now everybody follows carl icahn.

He gives a good pop to apple.

A lot of traders were excited by that and bought right into it.

And now he is going after ackman again.

He did say the tweet was not meant to be as much about act and.

-- bill ackman.

He said he liked him.

Basically, this article was pointing out all the failures of will ackman.

I don't buy that either.

Not good.

I think he meant to have a little zinger for bill ackman.

He was just putting a human face on it so we could all understand.

Of face he doesn't like.

All of this brings me to facebook.

Facebook is enacting a paypal feature.

It is to simplify e-commerce on the social networking site.

Never leave.

Lock them in.

It will be curious to see whether it is an internal payment network.

In other words, can the 2 billion people interact with each other within facebook, or is it like the starbucks wallet, or is facebook going to be its own bank someday?

It seems like they are going to keep your information on file at facebook and have a checkout form with their partner.

It is a neat idea.

It would make it so much easier.

Think about it.

Every time you go to a website to buy something, you are loading your information and.

Rex do people really -- two people really want to give up all of that information?

People give it up anyway.

I use paypal religiously.

Now i shop at laces that only use paypal because -- places that only use paypal because they already have my information.

Maybe they will make it simpler.

How much simpler can it be than paypal?

Stay tuned.

Oil icon bp has asked a federal judge to deny u.s. investors the right to file a class-action lawsuit.

Yes, we are still talking about the oil spill.

Investors claim bp light about the size of the spill and its ability to -- lied about the size of the spill and its ability to contain it.

Obviously, bp is trying to fight this vigorously.

The ceo has said he will continue to do so.

They have already paid out around $25 billion in a number of lawsuits.

Their estimates are $42 billion now.

It keeps rising.

Does this remind you of jpmorgan?

It seems like a very similar culture.

Banks and oil companies had these afferent decisions that are coming back to haunt them.

-- these different decisions that are coming back to haunt them.

There is still no determination of what happened was gross negligence or are merely negligence.

If it was gross negligence, meaning knew it could have done better and didn't, bp could be subject to three times as much as.

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