IBM Wins Most U.S. Patents for 21st Year

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Jan.14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's Alex Barinka and Julie Hyman focus on IBM amassing 6,809 patents in 2013 in "On The Markets" on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

What company has what patent, patent rates.

Why is this such a big deal?

For a tech company like ibm, it is important for them to get ahead.

They must lay their name down and say, this is ours.

It helps of copyright infringement and it helps to protect from other copy issues.

Ibm is not what one thinks of as a cutting-edge company at this point.

Yet it has held this spot for 21 units straight years.

How many patents that cap last year?

6800. how does it hold onto that top spot?

They put $6 billion into research and design every year.

They want to expand their research and get out in front of the trends both top what they do of those patents and those inventions, that may be a different story.

Have there been certain things that have come out of the patents that have been particularly interesting and lucrative for ibm?

A couple things that we are seeing -- remember, what tech patents, it can take three years before a patent is the best -- issued.

It is where companies are looking to grow.

You see a lot of cloud computing.

They are looking to deal the encrypted data better in the cloud.

Also with watson, they're smart computer that can answer questions in plain english.

Is this something that investors are looking for?

Ibm stock has not been doing fantastically well.

Over the long-term, do they pay attention to this patent portfolio?

Investors have the same sentiment that it is great that they have all of these patents and they're getting ahead of the game, but they have been falling for the past few quarters.

They are having an execution problem.

Well it is very promising to see them getting out ahead of these trends, there needs to be more of that commercialized product.

Quickly here, you hear about a lot of companies engaging in patent issues.

Ibm likes to settle, they like to negotiate.

It is going on at amazon.

With twitter, we saw that their ipo filing -- ibm approached him on three separate patents and said that they need to talk about this at the grout what you os and licensing -- talk about this about what you a lot in licensing.

Thank you for talking to us

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