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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Dominic Chu reports on IBM's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

All right, dominic chu, ibm, also out with earnings and it looks like we have a pattern.

Sales are coming in worse, ibm, amex, intel, but i think we just lost dominic chu and i will look at the computer and tell you the numbers right now.

They closed earnings better than the estimate of 377, however revenues are light.

The expectation -- excuse me, the estimate -- dominic chu, do we have you back?

What we are looking at is second quarter net income on a per-share basis, adjusted in terms of operating profits.

Like you said, that beats the analysts estimate.

Estimates are $29.3 billion, right?

Gross profit margins coming in as well.

$49.7 billion.

What we are looking for here is what we see in headlines for earnings.

We also see a narrow shortfall.

Very much a mixed picture.

We are also getting the for chat.

Adjusted earnings per share coming in at $16.90, slightly higher than the prior forecast of $16.70. they have essentially boosted their forecast per-share.

Also looking at the second quarter service backlog, that is up 3%, again, up 7% if you adjust for the effects of currency.

There is continued improvement through the second half of the year, a good point of optimism for the second half when they think they will do better in the second half of the year, we will be looking at bros contract signings.

Those are a sign that perhaps future business, down the line business, these numbers again which have right now is a bead on earnings with a narrow sale, a be down profit margins in the boosting of their full-year profit forecast.

We will see how the trades settle in the after market.

Dominic chu, thank you so much.

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