IBM’s Slump Turns Stock Into Dow’s Lone 2013 Loser

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- IBM hasn’t convinced investors that it can pull out of a sales slump, leaving the stock poised for its first annual decline since the financial crisis in 2008. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The revenue growth they were hoping for and any kind of turnaround from the ceo who took the reins in 2012. if you look at the worst- performing stock, the average itself was up 16%. all the way down the line, ibm is down 2.7%, even worse than caterpillar.

What you see is that ibm has had six straight quarters of declining revenue, and you see them range from down .6% to down .5%. -- down 5.1%. they have resorted to cutting costs, so the earnings-per-share growth has kept pace, and warren buffett, who remains the largest shareholder, pointed out that fact, that they will have record earnings, but nonetheless that is not enough for a lot of other investors.

The company has been cutting costs and jobs.

Tax gains, asset sales -- those are other ways they have been able to juice the bottom lines, but the top line is not seen the same growth because of the struggles of hardware.

The company get 17% of its revenue from its hardware unit.

That is an area where they are seeing some struggle.

They are trying to rely, more and more, like other technology companies, on cloud services.

They did make revenue of $1 billion in that unit.

It is the first time it has disclosed that number, but it is being outpaced by competitors like oracle and amazon, who remains leaders in that segment.

Ag 90 -- jeannie romani will have to embark on something more dramatic.

And ibm is more of a consulting company than a hardware company.

That is worth noting.

Private jets are going high tech, and the machines themselves are almost as cutting-edge as the people who ride in them.

We went to silicon valley and saw firsthand how they like to get around.

High tech is taking to the private friendly skies.

Jet suite is in expansion mode.

Fueled by high money and high- tech planes.

Is it cutting-edge?

Most of these airplanes on the ramp did not have anything like this.

They sunk millions into a new fleet of aircraft with cutting- edge glass cockpits.

I used to fight a -- fly a

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