IBM Reveals Top 5 Predictions for Next 5 Years

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Francesca Levy, Senior Editor at LinkedIn, runs down the top shared stories on the professional networking site on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Revealing its top five predictions for the next five years.

Ellis what they are.

Most of their predictions have to do with using our more digitally interconnected world to making z's your but the most interesting was that they believe that local retailers will trump online retailers in 2014. really?

They think if they can capture that local experience, you could walk into a store and the clerk as a digital profile of you and knows what camera you are looking for and they can direct you to check out these cameras.

They could have a salesperson waiting for you.

Do they mean mom-and-pop local retailers?

Ibm is thinking big.

Who knows how it will trickle down.

They want to see everyone using this technology but it may take a while.

Number five, is the big idea in 2014, please don't make this new year's careers resolution.

This is an original piece on linked in.

Up there with losing weight or other big resolutions are changing your career.

She says don't do that.

This is too big and it sets you up for disappointment.

You start applying for jobs and you are not sure what you want and your applications get rejected and you get disappointed.

She says you should set out a specific plan and think of one specific change you want to make to your career that is measurable and lays out certain steps like creating your own personal board of advisors like recruiting mentors and giving yourself a reading list.

Simple incremental steps you can feel good about.

What about the number three topic about the music industry?

Last week, we had a couple of the pieces of music news, led zeppelin releasing its entire catalog on spotify and beyonce dropped her new album with almost new marketing and that represents two completely different directions and the led zeppelin move toward making their content free is the wrong way to go.

It just contributes to this broken business model where if consumers start getting used to free stuff, they will not want to pay for it and beyonce went the other way and created this experience.

If she used -- she used an old- style think giving people a

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