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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Su Keenan reports on a stock index based on the trading of billionaires She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Us a rare peek inside the portfolios of the billionaires, they have now become the basis for a new brand of etf's. the latest entry into the track titan type of etf tracks holdings and allows investors to create strategies based on those holdings.

Let's say, 25% warren buffett, and 75% carl icahn.

It is stocks owned by the big boys.

It trades on the new york stock exchange with billion as it simple, and its top five include apple, yahoo!, which are a erect mere of the moguls.

-- are a direct mirror of the moguls.

Carl icahn sold out of web m.d. and took a new stake in talisman energy.

Bill cohen's capital filings show that he has in buying yahoo!

And reducing amazon and facebook.

And a $13 billion stake in exxon mobil for warren buffett.

Ibm may not be a top holding in ibillionaire, but fedex may be.

The ener investors john paulson, george soros, daniel loeb, all involved in the operator of the world's largest cargo airline.

You can get into the portfolios of the billionaire of your choice.

They list the top 10. of course, the snapshots are not necessarily an update.

We see them once quarter.

That is the only surety we have.

And again ,ibillionaire is only the latest entry to these, right?

Yes, we have had for a while the top guru holdings index and selected hedge funds.

Another index or etf is called alpha clone alternatives.

Alsa is the ticker and it allows investors to play a billionaire of a sort.

It is tied to a hedge fund long short index.

You may not be a billionaire, but you get to trade like one and see how it goes.

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